halo lit letter from Varisigns channel letter bender

Channel bender machine has come to revolutionize the way channel letters are made. It did not only revolutionize it. Channel letter bending machine also brought ease and timeliness to how it is now made. This is why buying a channel letter bending machine is very important.

Channel letters are customized letters. They are made using either metal or plastic that would be shaped into the intending letters for display on a public building, commercial corporations, or exterior signage. They require some minor technicalities to be made. But mastering how channel letters are made can also erase these minor technicalities. A standard channel letter is not expected to rust. Rusting can affect its beauty. Hence, aluminum sheet metal is a better material used in making it because it doesn’t rust.

For every organization, telling people who they are and what they do without necessarily carrying a megaphone is a norm that cannot be canceled. This explains why there are always inscriptions to display the name of the company and sometimes, the motto, vision, and mission of the organization. This is normal and very acceptable in marketing. If people cannot read what you do where they can meet and discuss the service they would like to enjoy from you, don’t be surprised if you cannot get their attention. Hence, carving out channel letters is important. To make a channel letter, a channel letter bending machine is required.

To get a channel bending machine, it is important to be able to identify it and also master the way it is used. All these reasons make this article very relevant for everybody that needs a channel letter to be creative about displaying their brand on exterior signage or in front of their buildings.

Channel Letter Bending Machine Techniques

Effective bending of letters made from the channel bending machine is very important to produce channel letters with excellent quality. There is a primary component involved in the making of a channel letter. There are several other components. But the return is one of the primary parts. In a layman’s term, it is the side of a channel letter. Typically, it ranges from 3” to 8” in depth. 5” is the most common return depth.

Solution for Your Adverts and Branding!

Revolutionize the way your front office advertisement works using 3D channel letters. Our automatic letter bender revs up your branding to a whole new level.

If you want a machine that cuts to precision and cuts down on waste and labor, get our automatic channel letter bending machine. You can get:

Our top-quality machine is super fast and strong enough to bend aluminum and stainless steel channel letters.

Our Channel Letter Machine’s Cutting Edge Features Guarantee Quality!

The team of engineers behind the channel letter bending machine wants you’ll get top quality and reliability. Each of our features is part of a more extensive system scientifically embedded to give you premium quality. We want accurate cuts and folds. Our goal is to achieve the perfect letter pattern or any craft you are trying to make with our machine.

Unique Features That Make Our Letter Bender Superior:

Multi-Axis Pre-straitening System: Prevents any deformation of the sheet or coil. You can adjust the thickness so that the aluminum coil or steel coil doesn’t get stuck.

Alternating Clamping Feeding System: Clamps the sheet to prevent it from slipping off

Servo Drive: Guides the material along a straight line for smooth feeding and processing.

Closed-Loop Control: Acts as the quality assurance system that ensures that the end-product is a perfect match of the intended shape

Telescopic Bending System: Maximizes the intended pattern’s perfection by incorporating small angles and curving sophisticated designs.

Software: A simple program that reads your intended pattern and interprets commands to the rest of the machine features. The professionally designed program acts as the brain of the entire channel bending machine.

What Our Channel Letter Bender Can Do:

  • Our machine can make halo-lit and conventional face-lit channel letters of different heights.
  • The letter bender also forms letters and signs from various materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, polished brass sheets, and mild steel.
  • The automatic unit forms letters that are as small as 2.4 inches to serifs that are tinier than ¼ an inch.
  • Our advanced software recognizes different positions, bends, and curves, so you don’t have to touch them.

Why Sweat While We Have a Smart Machine For You?!

Our channel letter bender is not only easy-to-use but also comes with an intuitive user guide. As engineers, we have a first-hand understanding of how confusing it is to operate a new machine. So, we’ve made the video tutorials so easy that a fifth-grader can understand!

Who Deserves a Channel Letter Bender Machine?

Do you desire to make your shop or products stand out? Are you struggling to get noticed by the obscuring multitude of other stores? Would you like everyone walking along the street to notice and memorize your brand name? Do you want to automate the production of halo-lit letters? Do you want to increase your sales?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you deserve our top-quality letter bending equipment! Our lettering device creates beautiful letters and signs that will pull customers to your store!

So, if you’re one of the following people…

  • Sign industry manager
  • Advertisement firm
  • Branding Agency
  • Marketing Department
  • Printers seeking to upgrade
  • Artisan, or creative
  • And, you!

… you deserve to have one of our automatic letter benders!

Why Us: Benefits of Our Channel Letter Bender

If you want to increase your channel letter production or make your brand more prominent, this bender has all you can ask for! And yes- we stand out from our peers with quality, performance, durability, and precision!

Here’s why you should order from us today:

Intuitive Software

The CNC software dashboard is easy to learn and use. Designed by our R&D center, the program is the product or artistic designs and several years of experience. We have a listening ear to customer feedback, and that’s what we rely on to bring you this intuitive software.

The software receives frequent updates from our servers and programmers to make sure it’s in line with the most recent trends. You never have to worry about bugs because we’ll fix them before you notice them!

Our free lifetime software updates assure you of continued service. And, we will never charge for the upgrades or have any hidden opt-in premium payments.

The stable software is compatible with all popular operating systems. Whether you’re running your drawing on AI, PLT, or DFX formats, CNC software will open them pretty well. And, you can use it together with Adobe Illustrator, FlexiSIGN, or Coreldraw.

Compared to other bender programs on the market, ours is user-friendly, easy to use, and intuitive.

Full Trust Warranty: Get A 3-Year Guarantee on Our Letter Benders!

We believe in the quality of our products so much that we are ready to bet on them! We offer a three-year warranty.

Lifetime Customer Support!

Our support team is always on standby to listen and answer any of your questions. Get lifetime phone and text support 24/7.

Free Professional Pre-sale Consultation!

One advantage of buying from us is that we offer objective advice. We don’t want you to take home a machine that doesn’t fit you, NO!

We aim to be part of your success. We want you to look back at the purchase you made with a smile. And, to ensure you’re making a wise life-changing decision, we’ll offer you lots of advice and pre-sale consultations.

After you place your order, our customer attendants will reach you with a full quote and installation instructions. We want you to buy the suitable device for your work, so we’ll stick around to help you analyze your options and get a machine that matches your needs.

Whether you want on-site service, an online session, or a factory walk-in consultation, we’ll be right with you all steps of the way. We are ready for maintenance, operation training, and machine comparison.

Get Your Order Shipped in a Week!

We usually have all the channel bending machines in stock, ready for shipping. Always check the availability, and we’ll gladly suggest the earliest delivery time possible.

Our shipping services are free of any fees throughout several countries around the world. And yes- we boast the fastest delivery time for all international orders.

Do you want to rev up your lettering business or marketing strategy? Do you need some brand presence and prominence? Write your vision in bright, prominent letters!

And if you’re disappointed with ordinary lettering tools, find a channel letter machine with full automation and cutting-edge features. Get rid of all the pain, labor, and costs with a machine that has them all! Buy our Channel Letter Bending Machine now!

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