There is nothing more inspiring to digital entrepreneurs than brands that have successfully disrupted and changed the face of their respective sectors. Within this article, we’ll shine a spotlight on a trio of companies that plugged gaps in their markets and have successfully diversified their approach. In terms of diversification, we’ll mention a brand that’s pivoted from being focused solely on sports betting odds comparisons to a broad-based comparison portal for sports fans that includes the latest welcome offers, as well as reviews of sportsbook apps. We’ll also talk about a brand that’s sought to become more than just a takeaway food delivery service by branching out into more household items.

Deliveroo: Will diversification help it turn a profit?

Will Shu was the founder of Deliveroo back in 2013. It feels like Deliveroo has been around for way longer than nine years, but it’s come a long way in a short space of time. It’s redefined online food deliveries, bringing all manner of cuisine to the front doors of households around the globe. So, what’s the issue? Deliveroo have failed to turn a profit as yet despite their popularity.

Subsequently, the brand has branched out into the delivery of other household items. A partnership with Marks & Spencer in the UK enables homeowners to get more of their everyday essentials. Meanwhile Deliveroo has also devised its own ‘Deliveroo Editions’ kitchens, allowing takeaway outlets to lease spaces off-site from their restaurants to prepare delivery-only meals. An ingenious, cost-saving idea for all concerned.

Oddschecker: A go-to portal for all iGaming requirements

Like so many successful disruptive brands, oddschecker started out from humble beginnings in the back bedroom of a house in 1999. The concept was to originally become the leading comparison site of sports betting odds to give bettors the best available value for the biggest sports events. Before the advent of the internet, it was impossible for bettors to determine whether their bookie was offering fair value. Oddschecker has changed the game and forced bookmakers to up theirs also.

More recently, following a string of buyouts, the brand has shifted its focus to becoming a one-stop-shop for all of a user’s betting needs. This includes the latest sports betting promotions for new and existing customers, as well as the listing of similar promotions for online casino sites. Sports fans can also lean on oddschecker’s in-house tipsters for advice and expertise on upcoming events for betting inspiration.

Airbnb: Making the world a more accessible, cost-effective place

What if property owners could make a side income from renting out their homes when they’re absent? Or, better still, renting out individual rooms whilst living there? That was the ambition of Airbnb, which rapidly became the world’s number-one portal for homestays, adding a whole new dimension to lodging. What started as three men hosting people on air mattresses in their apartment, has since grown into a $31 billion company.

It could be argued that Airbnb is helping to make the world a smaller place, with its convenient, on-demand service allowing travelers to find convenient, cost-effective accommodation. Today, well over four million hosts have their properties listed on the Airbnb platform and as the lines between living, work and play are blurring, Airbnb is proving a particularly popular option for the 21st century digital nomad.