Mobile App Builder

MOBILE apps mean different things to different businesses.

Some businesses use it to provide a better shopping experience to their customers. You can also come across apps that serve to be reliable exchange platforms for the users. Whatever might be your requirements, there is a dedicated app-building platform for all unique specifications.  Such is the prevalence of mobile applications!

To make mobile apps that offer an unmatched user experience, entrepreneurs and businesses need platforms that can help all ideas take a beautiful form. Secondly, the platform should support the functionalities that complement both iOS and Android operating systems. Last but not the least, the platform should be as flexible as an open source resource allowing the businesses to tweak in the changes in the code according to their requirements.

So, listed here are the 5 best App Builder platforms that can make mobile app building an interesting as well as effortless affair.

1. Builder

Let’s talk about the best first. Builder is one of the finest platforms that offers a suite of solutions to individuals and businesses considering building a mobile app. Its most happening feature is Builder Cloud that is believed to have let businesses save millions of dollars per year. It is partnering with cloud biggies like Azure, AWS, etc. to bring multi-cloud at a cheap price for app deployment and support.

This app also features Builder Studio where the clients can find a drag and drop style app builder and templates according to the brand personality. App assembling comes easy with Builder Studio where human assisted AI is allowing collaboration of developers from all parts of the world, allowing the app to be developed in a cost-effective manner. Its 24 hour app support and regular bug fixing and maintenance service keeps the app up and running all the time.

2. Zoho Creator

Low-code platform that can enable the customers to put up an app in a matter of minutes. The platform aims at providing access to customized solutions to creating bespoke applications. It is a feature-enriched platform that offers all-round support required for developing the applications that are truly responsive to the customers’ preferences and also to the device on which the apps are run. The apps developed by this creator are designed to meet the work demands of the sectors like sales and marketing, education, human resources, operations, so on and so forth.

3. is a no-hassle app development platform. It offers an easy guide to the businesses to give them a fair view of how effortlessly the work is done at Appery. The app development platform offers a quick view of the steps that one can follow for making the apps using it, including of:

  • Choose the available templates
  • Use drag and drop feature to develop UI
  • Connect services with databases
  • App preview
  • Build the final app or deployment of web app

The top advantages of this app platform are – cloud app build support, simple to use yet powerful, mobile backend as a service, allows bringing own backend, build once and use it on all possible devices and platforms and well-coordinated team collaboration.

4. Appy Pie

Moving up in the simplicity ladder, Appy Pie offers no code development support, which certainly is simpler than the low code alternative. The app platform is supported by in-house graphics designer software that helps make visually enriched app. This platform has won a lot many accolades like Leader Summer 2020, Easiest Set Up, Best Usability. All these pluses show how easy app development would be for when done using this platform. It offers a no-code platform for websites, domains, chatbots, etc. too.

5. App Sheet

App Sheet is again a no-code development platform. It offers the best support for apps that can be used on mobiles, tablets, desktops, etc. with equal ease. It uses cloud based solutions like DropBox, Google Drive, and so on to offer flexible and scalable intelligence support for making features-enriched applications.

Overall, you can consider these recommended app development platforms when you want an easy, fast and simple way of reaching the customers through apps, right on their mobile devices.