The fast food industry is realising the need to move to sourcing their products from indoor farms, and Grow Pod Solutions – a leading agtech company and developer of portable automated farms – is stepping up as the perfect solution for companies that are seeking a higher quality crop that can be grown year-round.

For example, according to the Wall Street Journal, Wendy’s is removing the risk factors associated with outdoor agriculture and unpredictable weather, and providing itself with a constant supply of fresh produce by switching to indoor farming.

Wendy’s action mirrors the growing trend to source food locally. Not only do consumers like the idea of supporting local farms, but businesses are also welcoming local suppliers as a way to improve quality, cut costs, and increase margins.

Wendy’s says that it expects to see social and environmental benefits from the shift as well, including the reduction of pesticides.

Grow Pod Solutions provides an ideal system for companies like Wendy’s: Grow Pods are transportable and can be placed virtually anywhere. The system is scalable and units can be stacked to create giant automated farms. Grow Pods have low energy requirements, patented water and air filtration, spectral tuned lighting, and a perfectly balanced sealed environment that eliminates the need for pesticides.

George Natzic, president of Grow Pod Solutions, said that in addition to fast food companies, he expects to see increased interest in automated farms from the grocery industry.

“Today, many grocery stores will have a section of organic produce,” Natzic commented. “But imagine the consumer response when grocers offer fresh produce grown right next to their building.”

“Even organic produce needs to be picked early to survive transportation to distribution centers and stores,” Natzig added. “But with Grow Pod, you can pick a tomato at the height of its flavor and freshness, and have it in the store within minutes.”

Grow Pods are made in the USA. The company’s automated indoor farms allow businesses, community groups, and entrepreneurs to grow healthy, contaminant-free produce, anywhere, year-round.

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