Baby Boomer Couple

TOTAL Insurance Solutions now offers burial insurance policies to baby boomers in Tennessee.

We are happy to be able to announce that Total Insurance Solutions is now offering final expense insurance policies to baby boomers living throughout Tennessee. 

A final expense insurance policy is a type of affordable coverage that can give older residents peace of mind that their final expenses are covered and not left for their loved ones to try to shoulder on their own. These policies cover funeral expenses and medical costs associated with the end of life care. While traditional life insurance policies are often purchased earlier in life, burial insurance can still be used to pay for expenses left behind. 

Baby Boomers Final Expenses

Currently, baby boomers make up the largest part of Tennessee’s population with roughly 23.1% of those living within the state falling between the ages of 53 to 71. These residents are already in retirement or planning for it, and part of that means planning ahead by buying an effective burial insurance policy. Getting peace of mind is important, and Total Insurance Solutions offers two types of burial insurance policies – a ‘simplified issue’ and a ‘guaranteed issue’. 

Still making up the majority of the population, baby boomers are reaching the age where planning ahead is vital. And in Tennessee, they love cities just as much as millennials do. Top cities for baby boomers in Tennessee include: 

  • Knoxville
  • Sevierville 
  • Nashville
  • Memphis 

No matter the situation or the level of debt a baby boomer carries into retirement with them, having good insurance is important. With the increase in baby boomer numbers in Tennessee, Total Insurance Solutions has numerous resources and options to help them. 

Heavy Expenses

The average cost of a funeral today ranges from $7,000 to $12,000 and can exceed that easily due to additional expenses or items added to a funeral. Common costs include:

  • Hearse use
  • Embalming
  • Monument purchase
  • Service cars or vans
  • Memorial packages
  • Casket purchase
  • Funeral home usage fees
  • Transfer of body to funeral home
  • Service fees

Making matters worse is the fact that the cost of funeral and burial has increased by 20% in 14 years and will likely only continue to rise. But many families don’t realize how expensive it can be until they are left facing a huge bill after losing a loved one. 

As Total Insurance Solutions enters 2020 in Tennessee, baby boomers and their loved ones will be able to purchase a final expense insurance policy that allows them to rest easy knowing that this heavy financial burden is no longer on the shoulders of their loved ones. Those left behind can grieve properly. And with agents throughout Tennessee, it’s easy to reach out to the company and learn more. 

About Total Insurance Solutions

Total Insurance Solutions focuses on making sure that Tennessee residents have the final expense solutions that they need by offering affordable and effective insurance plans. Funeral costs and final expenses shouldn’t be more of a burden than the act of grieving for a lost loved one, and these policies focus on combating that. 

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