A specialist business energy claims company is helping manufacturing organisations across the UK to recover thousands of pounds that could be owed to them due to mis-sold energy contracts.

Research carried out by Business Energy Claims shows that energy brokers are costing businesses money by inflating the cost of energy without fully disclosing this to their customers. In fact, the average claim carried out by Business Energy Claims on behalf of manufacturers is over £45,000.

Callum Thompson, director at Business Energy Claims, said: “typically, energy brokers earn significantly more when their customers use a high amount of energy, as they are paid commission per kWh sold.

“As manufacturing firms typically use a lot of energy due to their high production levels, they are often exploited and overpay on their energy contracts as brokers capitalise on this high usage.

“While we understand that most finance and procurement divisions are vigilant, the energy broker industry is vastly complex and undisclosed commissions can be hidden easily. In extreme cases we have experience of claims from manufacturing organisations totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

Business Energy Claims is backed by The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) which has stated that ‘energy brokers not clearly presenting fees or charges transparently mean that consumers are not being offered the best deal’.

In addition to working alongside the CAB, Business Energy Claims is also partnering with Ofgem to legitimise the energy market again after years of mis-selling; educating their customers as to how to ensure they are getting the best deal.

Callum continued: “our aim is to change the business energy market enough that brokers remove mis-selling and become more transparent.

“There are over 2,000 energy brokers operating in the UK and, while some will be transparent, we’ve found that many are not – especially given the fact that there is currently no regulation in place.”

Claims can be made by any organisation which has used an energy broker in the past six years. If you think your organisation may have been mis-sold an energy contract, visit www.businessenergyclaims.co.ukor call 0800 689 4259.