GASTOPS is to set to receive significant investment from the Canadian government to help support and shape the future of Next-Gen aerospace technologies.

The Canadian-based global leader in equipment condition management solutions are part of the Bell-led aerospace consortium which is to receive a $49.5m investment from the Government of Canada.

Gastops’ role in the project will be the development and demonstration of advanced engine health monitoring based on advanced oil debris monitoring and analysis technologies.

This role will include online particle detection, offline particle analysis, and fine wear particle analysis.

Important funding

Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) minister Navdeep Baines announced the $49.5m federal investment at the Aerospace Innovation Forum in Montreal earlier this month.

In addition to helping shape the future of aerospace technologies, ISED’s $49.5m investment will create more than 300 jobs in Canada and contribute an estimated $178m to Canada’s GDP over the next five years.

Gastops president and CEO Dave Muir welcomed the decision to be allocated the vital ISED funding.

“This has been an exciting process and a wonderful opportunity,” he said.

“We are proud to have been selected by Bell, and Pratt and Whitney Canada, to participate in supporting the next generation of aerospace technologies.”

The Gastops CEO praised the continued commitment of the federal government towards the future of the Canadian aerospace industry.

“We want to thank Minister Baines for his continued dedication to the aerospace industry in Canada,” he said.

“The faith and commitment he has shown in support of the aerospace sector will ultimately play a large role in Canada continuing to bring innovative solutions to the world.”

Muir outlined the strengths of Gastops and what it will bring to aerospace consortium project.

“We are committed to developing an integrated digital information platform to assess the health of critical engine components and predict their remaining safe useful service lives,” he said.

“We have been in the health monitoring and predictive maintenance business for a very long time – it’s really our bread and butter.”

About Gastops

Gastops was founded in 1979 by a group of Carleton University engineering graduates.

The Canadian company is recognised worldwide for its innovative solutions for improving the effectiveness of operating and maintaining critical equipment.

These solutions have been used in Defense, Aerospace, Energy and Marine applications to optimize the availability, readiness, maintenance, performance and safety of complex rotating equipment.

Gastops is renowned worldwide for its innovative contributions to the maintenance, productivity and safety of critical equipment used in aviation, energy, marine, rail and mining industries.

Gastops provides advanced equipment health sensing and analysis products, including on-line oil debris sensors, torque measurement sensors, turbine blade health sensors, and at-line oil analysis systems.

About 100 people work at its main plant in Ottawa, where Gastops conducts most of its market-leading research and development.

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