CAPE TOWN, 6 December 2021: Cargill, provider of food, agriculture, financial, and industrial products and services to the world, and Competitive Capabilities International (CCi), continuous improvement leaders, have been shortlisted for the Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards in the category of ‘Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to Deliver Digital Transformation’. The organizations have been jointly recognized for their codeveloped Leader Standard Work (LSW) App, a digital tool designed to help companies drive sustainable business performance by implementing standard work practices at all leadership levels.

Cargill’s drive to achieve world class operations through the implementation of digitalization initiatives was the impetus for the development of the LSW App. In conjunction with CCi, Cargill launched the LSW Application Development Project in 2020, with the goal of creating a digital system to support daily work practices that could be used globally by all levels of leadership.

The scope included:

  • Ability to create standard work activities customized to fit each team
  • Focus on tasks to increase performance and add value to the customer
  • Easy-to-use system that would require minimal set-up and support
  • Ability to connect to Outlook functionality
  • Ability to access standard work and supporting resource material via digital platforms thus reducing paper printouts

The LSW App was rolled out to 350 users across 245 sites in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Canada and Mexico with impressive results.

Some of the user benefits included:

  • Clearly defined tasks based on roles
  • Ease of use was rated at 8/10
  • Increased efficiency through reduction of emails and meetings
  • Increase in task completion rate

“Cargill saw the need to develop an application to manage our Leader Standard Work so that we could standardize our practices across the globe and help our site leadership teams focus on their top priorities by scheduling the appropriate work into the correct time frames,” says Alejandro Barreiro, Corporate Reliability and Production Excellence Leader – Global Operations, Cargill. “We believe that Leader Standard Work is fundamental to setting the discipline, pace and cadence of our operations.”

Jacques Matthee, Products Director, CCi adds: “The TRACC Leader Standard Work App has the potential to fundamentally transform the way that businesses are managed. By organizing and measuring leadership activity based on what adds real value to the customer, the application will significantly reduce waste and promote improved efficiency. It supports the organization’s daily management system, reduces non-conformances, and will advance quick and effective problem- solving at all levels. Importantly, it can be rolled out at pace across all parts of the organization globally.”

Cargill is now looking forward to realizing numerous additional impacts as user adoption grows, including: reduction of safety incidents, reduction in quality non-conformances, more effective prioritization of work and faster employee onboarding.

Hosted by Proqis, the Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards will take place on 15 December 2021 in Orlando, Florida.

To learn more about the LSW App, click here.


About Competitive Capabilities International (CCi)  

Established in 1987, CCi is a privately held, global company that enables organisations to deliver sustainable results across the supply chain through a continuous improvement solution called TRACC. With its core experience residing in manufacturing and supply chain best practices, CCi’s goal is to ‘unlock greatness’ in organisational capability through proven experience in World Class Manufacturing (WCM), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Six Sigma, Lean and Supply Chain Optimisation.

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