TODAY CCi, a global leader in continuous improvement solutions, announced the launch of the TRACC Leader Standard Work App.

The app makes the implementation of the practice of Leader Standard Work (LSW) far more effective and sustainable in an enterprise environment. It does this by standardising critical leadership tasks such as coaching, gemba walks, incident management and problem-solving. This ensures leaders at all levels focus on activities that deliver true customer value.

Leader Standard Work ensures that the leadership activities that support and drive standard work are in place and consistently followed. The challenge that most organisations grapple with is how to ensure that leader standard work processes are properly integrated with business requirements, avoid time-consuming, inaccurate manual processes and provide visibility to assess progress and results.

The CCi team’s 30 years’ experience in the field of continuous improvement informed the development of this application, which is built on a deep understanding of the challenges confronting organisations who seek to realise the full benefits of LSW.

The TRACC Leader Standard Work App:

  • Enables you to standardise leadership practices across your global organisation
  • Clearly defines activities which will provide business value at each tier of leadership
  • Is pre-loaded with actionable best practices, resources and tools to guide leaders
  • Can be customised to your unique business needs
  • Enables you to easily track your leader standard work activities and impacts
  • Enables you to create a CI culture and foster the behaviours that deliver true customer value

Alejandro Barreiro, Corporate Reliability and Production Excellence Leader, Global Operations, Cargill says: “The TRACC Leader Standard Work App is now being rolled out to our plant managers in our Agricultural Supply Chain enterprise, with plans to expand to other businesses soon. We are expecting a rapid return on investment and know that this application will significantly help enhance our operational and business performance.”

Geoff Schreiner, Products Director, CCi adds: “The TRACC Leader Standard Work App has the potential to fundamentally transform the way that businesses are managed. By organising and measuring leadership activity based on what adds real value to the customer, the application will significantly reduce waste and promote improved efficiency. It supports the organisation’s daily management system, reduce non-conformances, and will advance quick and effective problem- solving at all levels. Importantly, it can be rolled out at pace across all parts of the organisation globally.”

Demos of the app are available to companies that would like to find out how it can help them drive improved, sustainable business performance.