DIGITAL and connected manufacturing has taken the industry by storm, however not all parts of manufacturing businesses have been caught up in the tide of tech.  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is here to help turn the tide.

The adoption of the connected factory, smart manufacturing and other enabling technology into manufacturing means manufacturers can produce greater numbers and greater variety than ever before. The shop floor, sales and business management have seen a quantum leap in the past 10 years thanks to the advent of internet enabled technologies, but not all aspects of business have been carried along with it.

Paper is still part and parcel of how to do business. Whether it is sending a purchase order, receiving an invoice or a delivery note, a lot of communication between businesses still takes place via paper.

In an industry where the biggest hot topic of the moment seems to be digital transformation, it seems that a lot of organisations are forgetting to transform their whole business.

Retailers have long understood the benefits of digital transformation and have harnessed the power of EDI to not only digitise their trading documents with manufacturers but also validate the contents of those documents to ensure important details like dates, prices and quantities are always correct. As a result of this uptake, many manufacturers supplying the retail sector have had a glimpse of what EDI is capable of but many still haven’t capitalised on the full benefits EDI can offer to them.

EDI provides businesses with a cost saving choice for transferring documents safely and securely whilst enabling businesses to take their digital trading to the next level.

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