Time Clock Software

THE global pandemic of 2020 had dramatically changed the way how our world and society are now operating.

Especially it has changed the way how business environment is being organized. While some industries have been impacted the most such as small businesses, hospitality, travel transportation, etc.  the manufacturing companies are among those businesses that continue operating under new rules and work environment. The biggest challenge is still how to track employee hours using contactless time clock solutions and how to use time and attendance systems data to increase productivity and employee accountability.

The bigger is the factory or manufacturing facility, the bigger is the number of employees to keep and track the records for. Here are the most requested features and challenges managers want to see addressed in employee tracking systems for accurate payroll

  • biometric time clocks that can be resilient against grease and dirt – for employees working at a foundry or plants with dirty hands all the time.
  • In-house software solution (On premise installation) instead of cloud based systems
  • Access Control should be mounted most likely at all entrances
  • Easily generated reports like Excel
  • If power goes out, workers should be able to enter into the buildings. As an alternative key fobs can be used or proximity punching if biometrics don’t work
  • Differentiate Union and non-union employees.
  • Have Employee schedule fields. For example, there are 3 shifts and 4 crews. Supervisors want to know what shift are they on and what crew are they on.
  • They want to track absence violations to reduce absenteeism (if workers leave early or don’t clock in 30 minutes before start) . Most employees take vacations but people that don’t or are new to company they have a lot of callouts. This effects productivity and absenteeism goes up.

Some facilities want to use mixed time clock solutions for onsite and remote workers by adding mobile clock punching as well.

To provide an automated solution to these tasks Mitrefinch offers contactless Time and Attendance software & hardware to meet new standards and demands to comply with new Covid-19 rules.  The range of time clock software tools offered include facial recognition devices, proximity or swipe card access control systems, biometric clock terminals, fingerprint readers, web based remote clock apps, one central database for employee time and attendance, absence management, scheduling, mobile workforce, reports and self service tools.

Being recently acquired by Advanced, UK-based HCM software company, Mitrefinch will be able to offer a complete HR and financial solutions for medium and large businesses.

Customization is a key and Mitrefinch time tracking system can be tailor made for each company by adding new fields and notes as required to present the full picture of what is happening on every shift. Business owners can easily track down historical data and see abnormal trends to make right decisions to increase workforce productivity and production efficiency.

The system is designed to eliminate manual work, reduce human errors and administrative costs to focus on production and efficiency.


Mitrefinch USA is located in Newton, Massachusetts to serve customers from North and South Americas.  Mitrefinch workforce management solutions are best suited for midsize and large organizations with 100 – 10 000 employees. Can be used in 3 models: cloud based, on premise and hybrid. Customers can choose between SaaS or Software license implementation.  Additionally, Mitrefinch can offer employee location tracking, GPS tracking or geofencing features.  This way, it will be easier to provide flexible solutions for various companies that need to track employee hours accurately at any location at any time.