GET S.E.T podcast is a free monthly audio show, recently launched by Engility.

Homegrown by Engility employees, the podcast combines the technical expertise and curiosity of our people with the voices and insights of leaders in the fields of national defense, space science and intelligence technology.

The show is available on and most popular podcast platforms and apps, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Get S.E.T.’s hosts (who all have day jobs as Engility employees) bring a unique voice and natural inquisitiveness into each topic they explore. They dive into a mix of timely topics. For example, the first episodes run the gamut in tech-centered current affairs:

  • Why might the latest Martian dust storm affect all future space exploration?
  • Will artificial intelligence advancements really mean robots will fight our wars?
  • What the U.S. space program might look today had JFK lived and served a second term?
  • How do shortages in our cybersecurity workforce exacerbate threats?

“We challenged our people to think differently, think bigger, think about how to make a disproportionate impact for our customers and their missions,” said Lynn Dugle, Engility CEO, Chairman and President. “Our people came together and combined orthogonal ideas, dedication to mission and an absolute commitment to creativity and produced this podcast. It’s about inviting all stakeholders—scientists, engineers, and abstract thinkers—into a dialogue that rejects common assumptions, disavows traditional barriers and dreams big enough to solve our customers’ most complex challenges.  Extraordinary problems demand exceptional approaches.  That’s what Get S.E.T is all about.”

Meet Our Hosts

Engility employees Dr. Erin Macdonald, John Amazigo, Ian Wandner and Linda Yu host each episode.

“This podcast is a way to look at things a little sideways, with some entertainment thrown in,” said Dr. Macdonald, an astrophysicist and sci-fi fanatic, “Engineers and technical people by nature have a precocious way about them – they ask questions that are a bit off the mainstream. We hope to explore those answers with like-minded listeners.”

Amazigo, a systems architect within the Space and Mission Systems Group with the voice of a baritone angel, said, “We live in an exciting and interesting time in human history, so we want to take a look at new developments in terms of positive impacts.”

“When we started the show, we figured it would be a smart podcast for really smart, inquisitive people. We bring on experts in their fields and dissect a pressing topic,” said Wandner, an audit specialist with a storied grade-school swimming career. “That’s where we want to go with this—into new areas that can change perspectives and open up new approaches.”

“We’ll be talking to scientists, authors, engineers and even science fiction writers,” said Yu, an auditor who grew up in nine countries. “It’s not about a single path to a solution. We hope to help those in our industry find a community where we ask those questions that are interesting to us about current events and debate the answers.”

Inquisitive minds interested in examining current national security, space and tech topics from a different perspective can find Get S.E.T.: Exploring Science, Engineering and Technology at or on their favorite podcast platform. Those interested in the after-show debate can find the discussion on Engility’s Facebook page.

About Engility

Engility (NYSE : EGL ), a $2 billion technology leader, has thousands of employees around the world working to make a difference. Our history of delivering results for the defense, federal civilian, intelligence and space industries spans more than 60 years. We provide leading-edge solutions and services on Earth, in space and across cyber by leveraging expertise in systems engineering & integration, high performance computing, cybersecurity, readiness & training, enterprise modernization and mission operations support. To learn more about us, please visit, listen to our Get S.E.T podcast and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.