Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) has emerged as a leading material in the field of rubber extrusions, owing to its remarkable properties and performance characteristics that align well with the demanding requirements of technical applications.

At the core of EPDMs superiority is its exceptional resistance to weathering, ozone and UV radiation. This resilience ensures long-term durability and reliability in applications that may subject the material to harsh outdoor environments. EPDM also maintains its structural integrity and physical properties in extreme temperatures. With an operating temperature between -50°C to +150°C, this compound will not degrade in environments that may experience fluctuations in temperature. These properties ensure that rubber extrusions manufactured from EPDM retain their flexibility and do not become brittle in cold environments or soften excessively in hot conditions.

The chemical resistance of EPDM demonstrates another reason why this material is chosen for rubber sealing products. It exhibits excellent resistance to polar substances like water and steam, as well as some acids and alkalis. This resistance extends the lifespan of EPDM extrusions in environments where exposure to such chemicals is common. The increased lifespan reduces the need for frequent replacements, thereby lowering maintenance costs.

EPDM also exhibits a low compression set which is an essential parameter in rubber extrusion applications, especially those used for sealing. EPDM performs exceptionally well in this area, maintaining its shape and effectiveness as a seal over time. This property is essential in preventing leaks and ensuring the integrity of the seal in applications such as automotive weatherstripping, window seals and door gaskets.

The ease of processing and relatively low cost is another reason why EPDM is chosen for off-the-shelf and custom rubber extrusions. It can be extruded into complex shapes and profiles with high precision, essential for producing parts that require tight tolerances or specific design requirements. This flexibility enables for the production of custom-designed sections that meet the exact needs of various applications within most industry sectors.

Seals Direct is a leading supplier of sponge and solid rubber extrusions, seals and gaskets. Although we have access to an extensive range of synthetic rubber compounds, we commonly manufacture our sections from EPDM due to the materials unique combination of weathering and thermal stability, compression set resistance and ease of processing.