From September 2023, leading aluminum rolling mill Niche Fusina Rolled Products (Fusina) will source 100% of its primary aluminum from low-carbon suppliers, via Concord Resources Limited. Precise carbon footprints will be provided by CarbonChain.

Sourcing material in this way will reduce the total carbon footprint of Italy-based Fusina’s tailor-made coils, sheets and plates, thereby offering its customers (predominantly industrial manufacturers) a wider range of lower-carbon products. This follows the recent roll-out of Fusina’s carbon transparency scheme, which provides product carbon footprint reports to every customer in all markets (and to prospective buyers on request).

Today, Fusina already offers a range of lower-carbon aluminum products, relative to the industry average range of 3-20 tCO2e. Some of Fusina’s products are as low as 3-4 tCO2e/t (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per tonne of aluminum) in carbon intensity. On average, 30% of Fusina’s input aluminum is primary aluminum. The remainder is recycled aluminum, known as secondary aluminum.

This new commitment will ensure that 100% of Fusina’s primary aluminum supply is under the carbon intensity threshold of 6 tCO2e/t, and well below that threshold wherever possible. As a comparison, the global average for primary aluminum is 16.1 tCO2e/t.

This commitment, along with emissions reductions in Fusina’s own production processes, is set to substantially cut the average carbon footprint of Fusina’s products, which will be tracked and reported to customers and prospective buyers.

Aluminum is the most carbon-intense base metal, at the same time as being a critical material in the energy transition. Fusina’s customer base represents the marine, commercial transportation and industrial sectors, who increasingly want to find lower-carbon options, whether to meet regulatory and reporting requirements, or to meet their own climate targets towards net zero. Lower-carbon primary aluminum is generally achieved through the use of renewable electricity, for example hydro-powered electricity.

Global metals merchant Concord Resources Limited will supply Fusina with 100% of the primary aluminum that meets its low-carbon threshold.

CarbonChain, an AI-fueled carbon accounting platform using granular data to provide end-to-end visibility into supply chain emissions, will enable the implementation and tracking of Fusina’s commitment. CarbonChain’s calculations of Fusina’s sourced primary aluminum and product carbon footprints will use a third-party verified and validated methodology.

Vincenzo Zinni, CEO, Niche Fusina Rolled Products, said:

“From transparency to action, Fusina is taking tangible steps towards a more sustainable aluminum industry. By offering manufacturers verifiably lower-carbon products, in partnership with Concord Resources, we’re empowering them to make informed procurement decisions to reduce their own product footprints and differentiate in the net-zero transition. CarbonChain’s calculations underpin both initiatives, providing actionable data that we and our customers can trust.”

Mark Hansen, CEO, Concord Resources Limited, said:

“Concord is proud to support Fusina’s goal to transition manufacturing supply chains to the low-carbon economy. Our world-class service of reliably connecting commodity suppliers with customers, and our own ability to trace our trade emissions on the CarbonChain platform mean we can help make customers’ decarbonization goals a reality.”

Adam Hearne, CEO, CarbonChain, said:

“In the net-zero transition, every actor in the metals value chain has a role to play. Every decision matters, from production to procurement. Fusina is proving that there is demand for low-carbon products in the manufacturing industry, and that supply chain carbon reporting can be done at a high level of accuracy. Amid new ISSB standards, the EU CBAM and Scope 3 reporting regulations, this is a path we hope other industry leaders will follow.


Notes to editors

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About Niche Fusina Rolled Products (Fusina)

Niche Fusina Rolled Products is one of the world’s leading producers of industrial rolled aluminum products. The plant is located in the industrial area of Fusina, close to Venice. Over the years, different companies have taken ownership of the plant and major investments have upgraded the equipment to maintain a competitive position in the market. Currently it’s owned by DADA Holding (51%) and Invitalia (49%) through the “Fondo Salvaguardia Imprese”. The plant is composed of a cast house and rolling mill, to manufacturer finished products such as “sheets”, “plates” and “shates”, with a nameplate capacity of 75,000 metric tons. The plant specializes in serving the commercial transportation, marine and general engineering sectors.  

About CarbonChain

CarbonChain empowers companies to make climate-conscious decisions to accelerate action toward a net-zero economy. Its AI-powered carbon accounting platform automates emissions tracking with accurate, granular, asset-level data for carbon-intensive supply chains, including metals, mining and manufacturing. CarbonChain’s methodology V0.94 has been validated by SGS and verified by Bureau Veritas for manufacturers, commodity traders, financiers and freight firms to unlock unrivaled insight into carbon-related risks and opportunities in near real-time.

Founded in 2019, CarbonChain is a CPD-accredited solutions provider, a Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) supporter and a proud member of ResponsibleSteel. CarbonChain is supported by the UK government’s innovation arm (Innovate UK) and was part of the Y Combinator Summer 2020 cohort. Visit to learn more.

About Concord Resources Ltd

Founded in 2015 Concord is a global resources merchant focused on the supply chain, financing and risk management of non-ferrous metals and related raw materials, led by an experienced and entrepreneurial management team. Its team works with resource producers and consumers on spot transactions out to multi-year, structured agreements.  Concord’s capabilities include global sourcing, marketing and management of all the required logistics and finance to optimise its clients’ supply chains from long-term partnership marketing arrangements to single container deliveries. Concord brings substantial cross-commodity, structuring and asset optimisation experience of its founding team to work for the benefit of its customers and partners.  For more information, please visit