RENU™ Drying & Milling System by GTF Technologies

GTF Technologies helps food processors make sustainability profitable

Ada, MI — The RENU­™ Drying & Milling System from GTF Technologies improves efficiency, reduces food waste and upcycles side streams. 

Food processors are facing escalating pressure to reduce waste, comply with government regulations on food waste disposal and energy usage, and improve ESG scores, but at what cost?

The RENU Drying & Milling System provides an effective solution to all these concerns. This cutting-edge technology simultaneously dries and micronizes raw or processed food, plant materials, and byproducts into powders with as low as 1% moisture… without natural gas, extreme temperatures, chemicals, or additives. As a result, energy usage, operating time, square footage, and cost per pound are all surprisingly low.

Nearly 90% of surplus in food processing and juicing is byproduct and production line waste1. But much of what gets thrown out – the peels, pomace, and seeds – is not only edible but often rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and valuable for resale in powder form. The RENU System can dry and powderize these side streams, transforming cost centers into profit centers while enabling food processors to meet stringent regulations on food waste and capture landfill avoidance tax credits. The result is higher ESG scores, lower carbon footprint, improved profitability, and new product opportunities with high-value powders.

Because of its ultra-fast, low-temperature processing, the RENU System produces nutrient-dense powders with brilliant colors, true flavors, and intense aromas in seconds. Product applications include nutraceuticals and supplements, food ingredients, coloring/flavoring agents, pet foods, spices, and biomaterials.

A single RENU System occupies less than 1,000 square feet and can be placed in-line with food processing equipment to immediately stabilize and micronize side-streams. Or installations can be scaled up in multi-system configurations for batch and large volume processing.

GTF is working toward a healthier planet with a more plentiful and stable food supply. To learn more about GTF and RENU, check out GTF (

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