2019 has just begun and for most, health and safety is not a priority.

The start of the year is one of the best times to start planning and preparing to take care of the health and safety of yourself and that of your business and this can be undertaken in a few ways. Two of the most popular ways through which people work towards a safer and healthier year, is through physical security for their business and improved ‘cleaner’ eating habits for their physical well-being.

Although there are countless ways in which to improve your health and safety, some of which require larger overhauls of your lifestyle and perhaps larger outlays of money, starting realistically and feasibly is key for the New Year ahead.

Starting the year with a juice cleanse

Cleanses and detox programme providers often see huge surges of interest and business just after the New Year, as people undertake new year’s resolutions to become healthier. Searches online for ‘juice cleanse UK’ and ‘juice detox programmes’ become more popular than ever as a New Year begins.

Particularly in cities and large towns, where fresh produce can be delivered quickly due to the infrastructure in place, juice cleanses are extremely popular. For example, simply searching online for ‘juice cleanse London’ will provide a plethora of London-specific providers to choose from.

Although these types of cleanses are no replacement for wholesome food and a generally healthy and balanced diet, they are a fantastic way in which to kick-start your year and effectively ‘reset’ your diet and body for the better to take on the challenges of the year ahead. Juice cleanses are also an efficient way to get some much-needed fruit and vegetables into your diet at a typically unhealthy time of the calendar year.

Securing your business for the New Year

Securing your business can be achieved both directly and indirectly. Directly, you may choose to install an alarm system, improve your building or office’s overall security or carry out an audit of who enters and exits your business’ place of operations. These steps all serve to protect the integrity and physical security of your business very effectively.

Securing your business ‘indirectly’ can refer to protecting the interests and longevity of the business in question by protecting against future claims, law suits and damages. For example, in the case of a construction company, you may seek to install construction site CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras for the protection of your business.

This type of security arrangement not only protects from and deters potential intruders, but should any harm befall a visitor, employee or even a trespasser through no fault of your own or your business, the footage should protect your interests and your business from liability claims, lengthy legal processes and expensive court cases.