DIGITAL manufacturing refers to the use of information technology, or as we know it IT, to improve the productivity and efficiency of the process in which something is manufactured. 

And this isn’t just the manufacturing world that is being affected by digital upgrades, in fact it seems to be the whole world. However, although it is potentially saving money for these big companies, it has come under a lot of critics in the UK due to many saying it’s stealing labour jobs, which is especially tough due to the current climate and this is highlighted greatly in many documentaries with the idea of “robots taking over.”


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Manufacturing companies are starting to become less independent on product manufacturing due to the fact that having a sole worker completing each product was becoming something of the 20th century, so it was inevitable that the digital age was going to take over; like thousands of other industries.

Other industries that have seen similar trends to this, such as the gambling market for example, have grown tremendously since the introduction of digital. The majority of bookie high street shops have closed down due to the difficulty of managing the overheads and especially with online apps being used due to the useability of them and the ease of them; you can place bets anytime any place. Here is a list of casinos not on Gamstop, in which has seen this surge in numbers during especially during lockdown as many have struggled to find ways of entertaining themselves during house-bound times.

There is absolutely no doubt that digital manufacturing is the way forward in the manufacture world and that it has already changed how we look and see it forever. From technologically automated customer service bots to internet-based methods for storing data on clients and many more. However, there are some areas that haven’t taken off quite as quickly as many thought – for example, the previously discussed revolutionary change to the industry with the automation of product production, is showing to be a slow burner and one that hasn’t quite taken the industry by storm as it was predicted to do.