Image4Security are a Midlands-based manufacturing company focused on dominating the security market. Their mission, as stated on their website, is to “re-shape the security market through innovation, quality craftsmanship, and an understanding of what consumers actually need.”. The guys behind Image4Security have always had roots in manufacturing, and prior to motorbike security, they were a fabrication business who worked on some big projects for the likes of the Royal Air Force Museum and the Natural History Museum.

There is no doubt that Image4Security have shaken up the security market and produced some brilliant products. Everything they produce has been designed by them, British designed and manufactured straight from their workshop.


The Products

In their own words they make “a range of easy to use, sleek, professional garage security products”. And they do exactly that. They’ve created some innovative security products, some of which are the first of their kind.

The Guardsman security barrier for example is a completely unique product that has taken the security market by storm. It is a completely unique garage barrier and anchor system that blocks the entryway of your garage, making it incredibly difficult to wheel anything under, or lift over once its telescopic arm is locked in to place. They also offer a double garage Guardsman for wider garages more than 3 metres in width.

The Guardsman is a brilliantly innovated bit of security. It also comes with:

  • 10-year personal guarantee
  • Independently tested and approved by Sold Secure
  • Insurance approved and discounts available with BeMoto


Other products include ground anchors, such as their Apex Pro. Ground anchors work by being secured to the ground or wall and then, using a security chain, your motorbike, car, or any other vehicle can be secured to the ground anchor. While the concept of a ground anchor isn’t unique, Image4Security’s design and manufacturing of their Apex Pro is.

It has been tested by the Image4 boys in their workshop using the faithful angle grinder. The Apex Pro stayed intact for the whole 30 minute grinder attack and the concrete floor even lifted before the ground anchor gave way in their wrecking bar attack. The video can be found here.

Image4Security don’t do things by halves it seems, as their Apex Pro is the first ground anchor on the market to have a Diamond Sold Secure ground anchor and motorcycle rating.

They’ve also got loads of your ‘typical’ motorbike security, like padlocks, disc locks, security chains, and a brilliant garage Defender. The Defender is a garage door defence system that stops up & over doors, and roller shutter doors from being pried open.

Image4Security have released some brilliant security products for on the go, with lots of focus on garage and shed security too. The message they send out is that security is best when layered and the best defence is a lot of it. They’ve got loads of helpful blogs on how to beef up your garage or shed security, and lots of tips to deter and hopefully prevent motorcycle theft.

It’s important to note that their products were originally designed for motorcycle security, but the team have recently began to showcase their product’s reliability for other pursuits, such as cycling and car security.

All Image4Security’s products showcase innovation and ingenuity, while still meeting the demands of the market. They’re regularly at events, festivals, and motorcycle meet ups, so if you see them, be sure to say hello and check out their ever growing security range.