Increasing Profits using state-of-the-art technology

INDUSTRIAL Manufacturers have looked up on their distributors and dealers to increase their sales revenues.

In a digital world, information related to the sales per distributor or dealer can easily be made available to the manufacturer by deploying eComchain’s B2B2C SaaS-based platform that connects various levels of supply chain in an industrial manufacturing domain.

The Unique B2B2C Model

eComchain is the only unique B2B2C SaaS-based eCommerce platform wherein a manufacturer sets up a B2B portal for its distributor / dealer network, who in turn can have a specialized branded site to sell the manufacturer’s products. These specialized sites setup for distributor and dealer networking are responsive with all the standard eCommerce features and functionalities that increases online sales channels and revenue. Plus, support for Multi-language, multiple currencies and tax rates for 180 countries around the world.

Some of the salient eComchain capabilities for the manufacturing world include:

Fast Track Order Upload feature

B2B users can upload a list of SKUs / Products in a CSV file using the Fast Track Order Upload feature, making it an efficient, error-free option to place orders, improving the operational efficiency when processing the orders.

Pre-integrated with Complex Manufacturer-related ERP solutions

With built-in integration to complex ERP solutions normally implemented by manufacturers, eComchain offers the complete end-to-end storefront solutions that capture key data elements from customer registration to order creations for an ERP application to complete the shipping and logistics processes.

Real-time analysis of Distributor / Dealer sites

Manufacturer can get real time analysis of each distributor / dealer site with graphical representation of orders by cities, revenue by the week or month, abandoned carts and many more, which can also be exported in MS Excel format. Additionally, product reviews  placed by end consumers, on distributor / dealer sites, can be analyzed to further improve the quality of the products

A Classic Use Case Scenario:

An internationally known large national level garage door company have been improving their operations and processes by implementing scalable robust ERP applications such as JD Edwards (JDE) and Oracle E-Business Suite.  The challenge was to find an eCommerce solution or platform that would seamlessly integrate with their JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite ERP platforms.

The Solution

  • With eComchain’s multi-tenant pre-integrated ERP solution, this large national level garage door manufacturer was able to deploy a responsive storefront for its 3000+ dealers in just 12 weeks that included certain key features based on their JD Edwards ERP application used in their manufacturing plants.
  • With its ability to house multiple B2B sites on a single platform that shares information, data, and analytics across the breadth of the products, the primary manufacturing company could host several specific websites that can be managed by one designated administrator.
  • Additionally, there are a bunch of unique JDE related features, such as configuration of a torsion spring, that show up on the eComchain’s end consumer catalog, that can be configured by logged in users. And this was possible because of the Configurator module offered as an out-of-the-box feature by eComchain. One of the key parts to a garage door is the torsion spring as it is “stores” the energy that is needed to lift your garage up and into the open position. There are multiple steps to configure the proper spring for your door: left- or right-hand wind, spring dimensions, rate and torque, maximum safe travel, correct shaft size, safe travel and adding coils or increasing the diameter. Getting all of this right requires the right calculations. “We took the spring configurator customizer from concept to completion, which took the site to a whole new level”, commented Director of the large manufacturing corporation. “In addition, complex discounting was essential to enable us to be competitive at all levels”. eComchain developed multiple levels of discounting with an enhanced pricing engine to address this need.
  • By migrating over to eComchain, the large manufacturing division was able to deploy a responsive, scalable B2B eCommerce site for its distributors, considerably improving the rendering of catalog, search engine with type-ahead and auto suggest features, printable catalog and many improvements compared to a technology that did not have real-time integration to JDE.
  • With eComchain’s features and functionalities, this large national level garage door company has been able to increase their online orders with an average online revenue of US$ 200,000 per day.

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