The industrial wireless sensor networks market is projected to witness strong growth during 2018-2026 with a robust CAGR of 12.3%. The market is poised for growth as application like automation, monitoring, and control continues to drive demand from agriculture, manufacturing, construction, among others. The rising demand for environmental monitoring, commercialization of agriculture, and rise of essential protocols like location-based service is expected to drive growth.

Moreover, supporting infrastructure ike low cost Bluetooth technology, growing precision in location based service with devices like beacon and radio collars, and mobile assets are expected aid growth in the near future.

Application Specific and Easy-to-Use Control Remain Major Advantages for End-Use Industries

The global industrial wireless sensor market is expected to witness a surge of demand from various industries including IT, oil and gas, healthcare, automotive, and others. The easy-to-use nature and application specific nature of the technology remains important for a wide variety of industries. Wireless sensors remain important for the burgeoning IT industry as various new technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality benefit tremendously from the application wireless sensors. Additionally, technologies like AI used in warehouses of Amazon requires the use wireless sensors for both increasing productivity as monitoring for safety. Amazon, the e-commerce giant also opened fully-automated retail stores with the help of industrial wireless sensor network technology. The growth of automation in retail can enhance various aspects of automation as the technology is at the forefront of human interaction and promises to bring in new insights for growth.

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Automotive to Remain a Challenge and a Great Opportunity  

The automotive sector has witnessed several lows and highs in recent time. On one hand, global economic slowdown impacted sales in major markets like the US. Additionally, the push for greener fuels ultimately resulted in major innovations in both commercial transport vehicles, as well as passenger vehicles. The rise of electric vehicles is a major opportunity for automakers. Most major manufactures are planning to release electric versions as the competition heats up and emission goals come to the forefront. The increasing automation in factories as well as in the driving aspect remains a major challenge and source of opportunity. On one hand, it promises a new base of consumers who are awed by next-gen vehicles. On the other hand, trends like rent-a-vehicle are changing the way people use cars globally. In regions like North America, the growth will remain robust as owning a car is essential for most. However, in cities, the growth of automobile remains a challenge.

Asia Pacific Region to Remain Lucrative for Growth

The industrial wireless sensor market remains lucrative for growth as manufacturing, trends like 3D printing continue to promise new in-roads in efficient and productive manufacturing. Additionally, technologies like 3D printing also promise new innovation in automotive, manufacturing, and IT sector. The rising manufacturing in Asia Pacific promises new opportunities for players in the industrial wireless sensor market.