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WITH more and more businesses than ever choosing to be based exclusively online, Solutio UK is ensuring that businesses can take more processes online and into the digital age.

Solutio, a UK-based provider of payroll software and solutions is taking strides to help more businesses get their processes up to scratch with both UK working and employer regulations as well as back office and day to day running of various businesses. Relaunching in 2018, Solutio is a powerful piece of software and technology which allows a number of previously separate processes to be efficiently utilised through one platform, in one place.

Typical day to day running of companies typically requires many people to work on aspects of the business such as staffing, payrolls, time-sheeting, on-boarding and much more. this not only costs businesses a great deal of money over the years, but also means that a number of these processes, separate from each other do not run as efficiently and as smoothly as they could and should.

Staffing and temporary staffing businesses in particular, such as umbrella companies, rely on smooth processing of workers and the smooth running of their supply chain, all of which is seamless with Solutio.

Truly digital businesses

With increasing numbers of businesses being based exclusively and entirely online, these types of technology and innovative solutions mean that business owners can run their businesses, safe in the knowledge that many otherwise laborious processes are taken care of. Solutio is one of a range of companies who are basing themselves entirely or almost entirely online and over the phone. Whilst in past times physical premises and offices may be needed, this is no longer the case and businesses are seeing the benefits.

David Sams of Top Casino Bonus, an online casino provider commented: ‘With more businesses saving large amounts of revenue, not having to spend money on premises, business rates and other location-based costs, more of the money saved as a result of the innovation of technologies like Solutio can be reinvested. In terms of the economy, with fewer expenses to cover, businesses can be more profitable, contributing increased amounts for the Exchequer.