THE newly-introduced Trade Bill will create a Trade Remedies Authority to handle anti-dumping and anti-subsidy cases on behalf of UK manufacturers after the Brexit transition period ends.

In the meantime the Trade Remedies Investigations Directorate of the Department for International Trade is already reviewing EU measures on welded tubes and pipes from Belarus, Russia and China and rainbow trout from Turkey. UK manufacturers should prepare to participate in these kinds of cases if they want to maintain tariffs on cheap foreign imports.

The cases take up to a year to investigate and this can be an expensive process, requiring research and the submission of large amounts of data on sales and a company’s overall financials. Trade consultancy Castle Knight offers a 1-day crash course on trade remedies to help companies understand the process and decide whether they wish to participate. The course is also valuable for importers that might want to oppose the tariffs.

“The Brexit transition period is due to end in just over six months and then the UK will be on its own in the cut-throat world of international trade,” said Sarah Hurst, Castle Knight’s managing director. “Trade remedies cases are very complex and our crash course can help you understand if you want or need to get involved. Anti-dumping duties can make a big difference to costs both for manufacturers and importers of the products under consideration.”

Sarah Hurst was one of the first trade remedies investigators trained by the Department for International Trade. She has briefed top London law firms on trade remedies and advised UK manufacturers on how to prepare for the cases.

Castle Knight can also advise companies on how to navigate the changes in UK trade policy and how they will affect their specific industry, and help them to lobby the government for what they need.

For more information please contact Sarah Hurst, Managing Director, Castle Knight Services, 07766 294 170 or