One of the best ways you can breathe new life into your home is through renovating, changing up the design and adding new features. The right renovation project can leave your home looking like a completely different space, helping to feel more inviting and increasing its value. While a renovation can bring a lot of benefits, it’s challenging to get things right, especially if you want to create a modern feel. Knowing which features are simply in trend right now and which will look good for many years is difficult. It can be fairly subjective too, as what works for one person might not for another.


Still, there are lots of ways you can boost the value of your home and leave it looking much better and more modern. Below are some of the best ways you can create a more modern-looking home, although some are much larger projects than others.

Glass Façade

Glass facades are incredibly modern looking and can really add the wow factor to your renovation. Done right, this design will bring more light to the interior of your home while also looking fantastic from the exterior. A glass façade system is a difficult project to start, and you should make sure you have a design worked out, a budget and understand the potential costs. Glass facades are more commonly associated with skyscrapers, but they’re more commonly being used for residential homes too.

In some cases, a glass structure can be used as a link between two different areas of the house, helping to create a distinct junction while also bringing in more light. When creating this design, you’ll need to ensure that the glass you use is properly glazed for good thermal insulation. You will also need to consider privacy. Installing good-quality blinds is a must.

Eco-Friendly Design

Renovating your home can also let you implement sustainable and eco-friendly features, helping you reduce your carbon footprint while also saving costs. One of the simplest ways to introduce eco-friendly design is by improving insulation. You can get double and triple glazing to ensure that your home is more energy-efficient and make use of sustainable insulating materials such as sheep wool to trap in warm air during the winter.

Aside from a full eco-friendly design, you can also ensure that the environmental impact of any renovation you do is low by using sustainable materials. For example, you can use aluminium for metal structures, as it’s 100% recyclable. Other eco-friendly building materials include precast concrete, hempcrete, reclaimed wood and bamboo.

Embrace Original Features

While you might be tempted to do away with the original features of the house in an effort to modernise, they can still be an important part of your home. Embracing features like original wooden beams and flooring, exposed brickwork walls or fireplaces can add a lot of charm to your home. By including these features with a modern design, you can create a really unique and timeless look.

The beauty of your home’s original features is often more apparent when you combine it with modern design, and it adds character as well. Some home renovations go for a sleek modern look at the expense of that character, missing out on that unique factor. If you want your home to truly stand out, embracing these features is the best way.

A Broken Plan Layout

Many modern renovations focus on taking out walls to develop an open plan, but it doesn’t necessarily suit every home. An alternative option is the broken plan layout, which creates a partly open plan, partly closed off design. If you want to still have private and closed spaces in your home while also making the most of the airy and light design, you can still include partitions, walls and internal windows.