Anti-Static Floor Mat

Manufacturing electrical components is fraught with risks to both the equipment and the engineers. Sudden electrical discharges (ESD) can fry sensitive electronic components, and standing for long periods of time at workstations or switchboards can cause joint and muscle aches for the workers. One way to tackle both problems is with an Anti-Static Floor Mat, and a new model is now available from Birmingham-based matting specialists First Mats.

Anti-Static Mats are designed to protect workers and equipment from the damaging effects of static electricity. These mats are made from various conductive materials, which help dissipate static charges before they can build up and discharge. Anti-Static Mats are typically used in electronic assembly and repair applications, where sensitive circuit boards and other components are susceptible to static damage. However, the new ESD Deck-Mat from First Mats also provides outstanding Anti-Fatigue properties. The mat’s unique design features a series of raised deck plates, which provide a comfortable standing surface that helps to reduce muscle fatigue and tension.

Anti-Fatigue Mats are designed to provide comfort and relief for workers who spend long periods of time on their feet. The new Deck-Mat features a soft, foam-based centre that helps relieve discomfort from standing, whilst a conductive vinyl top surface provides durability and protection for operatives and components from static discharges. It’s also resilient against many industrial chemicals and has a diamond pattern on the surface to boost grip underfoot.

The ESD Deck-Mat is available in full 18.3m long rolls in widths of 90cm or 120cm or in custom lengths, which are cut from the roll and professionally finished with ramped edges and a 10mm male stud for earth wire connection.

“The Deck-Mat provides the best combination of durability, comfort and static dissipation,” states First Mats Director Richard O’Connor, “making it a fantastic addition to our existing range of high-quality Anti-Fatigue and ESD floor matting.”

Visit the First Mats website to learn more about the Deck-Mat or the other Anti-Static Mats in the range.