Detent pins are a quick and safe method of securing, adjusting, and detaching accessories on diverse types of equipment, furniture, and machinery. Rencol’s detent pins feature a strong, durable, and reliable quick release mechanism, comprised of a stainless-steel shaft and two spring-loaded stainless-steel ball bearings. This mechanism prevents the pin from unintentionally being removed or from working its way free due to knocks, movement, and vibration. 

Rencol’s range of detent pins are available with either a stainless-steel pull ring or a machined stainless push-knob, flange and pull ring. Numerous sizes are available to suit a wide range of applications.  

All Rencol detent pins feature a pull ring. The pull ring has two functions; firstly, as simple means of pulling on the pin, and secondly as an attachment point for a lanyard or retaining chain to ensure the pin is not misplaced. 

Rencol’s detent pins are ergonomic and intuitive to use; simply pull on the pull ring or press the knob to compress the internal springs, retract the ball bearings and remove the pin.  

Rencol holds large stocks at their Bristol warehouse. Minimum order quantity is only 2 parts, and free of charge samples and 3D CAD files are available. 

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