OLYMPUS is pleased to announce the launch of the IPLEX G Lite industrial videoscope featuring powerful imaging capabilities and a small, rugged body.

Lightweight and able to go almost anywhere, the IPLEX G Lite videoscope provides users working in challenging environments with a remote visual inspection tool that has the image quality and ease of use to get the job done.

The IPLEX G Lite is the successor to the compact and lightweight IPLEX UltraLite model, and can be used to capture images inside aircraft engines, piping, and other equipment without the need for disassembly. With two times the brightness of its predecessor, the IPLEX G is also suitable for a variety of applications within the security industry and clean energy sector, including wind turbines.

According to Jack Zhang, RVI product general manager at Olympus Asia Pacific, “Recent years have seen an increasing emphasis on safety management and quality assurance in fields such as aerospace, security and architecture. This has been accompanied by the use of industrial videoscopes for equipment inspections as these instruments can be used to conduct inspections without the need for disassembly.”

The IPLEX G Lite is small and lightweight making it easy to use with one hand, while also featuring enhanced image processing. The tip of the videoscope is fitted with a very small camera and can be freely manipulated, making these instruments ideal for tasks such as periodic maintenance or inspecting a component’s quality.

Ease of use has been improved in the IPLEX G with the adoption of a touch panel monitor and electrically operated scope tip bending, enabling users to complete inspections more quickly. New recording and playback functions have also been added; including constant video recording and the ability to add bookmarks to save time during video reviews and find critical moments quickly.

When inspecting in oily environments, getting oil on the scope’s lens can make it difficult to see. To address this, the IPLEX G Lite is equipped with a new oil clearing tip adaptor that uses capillary action to draw oil away from the lens. The grooves on the oil clearing tip adapter drain unnecessary oil quickly, keeping the image clean and visible, and preventing your inspection being suspended.

“The IPLEX G Lite also has an option that allows users to switch the light source from LED to infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV) illumination. IR is a very important feature, particularly for the security industry, capturing images in the dark while UV is used to detect fine scratches that are hard to see with the naked eye,” explained Zhang.