Palagan launches box liners that eliminate product waste

PALAGAN has launched a range of polythene box liners that reduces product entrapment to virtually zero.

This represents a major step forward for British manufacturers and processors who could be wasting up to 5% of material in box liner corners or pockets.

In response to the demand for more effective packaging, Palagan has invested £1.2m in Palagan’s manufacturing plant, Dunstable, UK. By working closely with machine manufacturers, Palagan have developed a specialised sealing head to seal all pockets or corners closed within all box liners.

As well as reducing product entrapment, the new box liner design fits the shape of boxes better, resulting in a neater, squarer pallet.

“In a period of unparalleled cost scrutiny, Palagan are committed to investing in technologies to reduce customer product waste. Now, the same quantity of product that fills the box liner is the same quantity that come out the box liner.” states Simon Barton, Palagan’s Managing Director.

Palagan are the UK’s leading manufacturer of customised high-performance polythene packaging. Their solutions save time and money by making packing and filling faster, speeding up the processing in British factories. Find out more about Palagan’s investment in the future at or call 01582 600234.