Pawbo Crunchy smart dog and cat feeder

PAWBO Crunchy, the new smart pet feeder, can be scheduled to dispense food for your pet with maximum precision.

New Pet in Town is launching in the UK market Pawbo Crunchy, the smart feeder for cats and small and medium sized dogs. Pawbo Crunchy is the most recent product from Pawbo, brand from Acer group, that has been investing more and more in products that allow owners to interact with their pets while taking care of their health.

With Pawbo Crunchy, owners will have the possibility to control the exact amount of food they give to their pets, when they’re away, automatically and for each animal, as well as to divide this amount up to 10 times throughout the day, preventing more hungry animals from having serious health problems. Just need to set the time of day and the amount the pet should eat and Pawbo Crunchy will take care of the rest.

By having two high-precision scales, the owner is informed via the App on the mobile phone of the quantity that is still available in the feeder, whose capacity is 6L, as well as if the pets ate what they should, thus easily controlling their weight and avoiding overweight problems.


Pawbo Crunchy also allows owners who have a more troubled life to be able to rest because they will always know what their pets ate, even if they come home later. Pawbo Crunchy also allows you to add batteries to ensure that even in the event of a power failure, pets will never go hungry.


According to the CEO and founder of New Pet in Town: “At New Pet in Town we are concerned with providing the best that we find on the market in order to improve the relationship that people have with their pets. Pawbo Crunchy is a product certified by Acer and has the enormous advantage of being able to schedule meals so that nothing is missed – time and quantity. As the feed is only released in portions and the remainder remains closed, the food remains fresh.”

It is an innovation that joins others already on the market, such as the smart water fountain, Pawbo Spring, which allows to know the amount of water that the dog or cat drinks; the activity tracker iPuppyGo, which calculates the activity needed for a healthy life and the smart camera that lets you talk, listen, play and dispense treats remotely, Pawbo +.

In the UK it is possible to purchase these products at New Pet in Town, a Pet company that markets and distributes the Pawbo brand, online, throughout Europe.

Pawbo Crunchy and the rest of the portfolio are on sale at New Pet in Town website:


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About New Pet in Town

New Pet in Town is an e-commerce company focused on pet products. It is present in 6 European countries (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal) and its mission is to offer the best for the health and well-being of pets and their owners. Passion for animals, Quality and Innovation are the three core values ​​that make this company’s DNA.

About Pawbo

Pawbo ( is a company created in 2014, passionate about pets and technology – IoT (Internet of Things). In 2016, Pawbo joined the Acer group, thus obtaining greater worldwide coverage. The products are sold on various channels in the world with hardware and software solutions accredited by the Acer group, allowing pet owners to enjoy their “parenting” anywhere and anytime.