PLANETTOGETHER, the leading production planning and scheduling software provider, is excited to announce a partnership with AGR Dynamics, a specialist demand and supply chain planning company offering software, training and consultancy solutions.

“AGR provides an exceptional combination of expertise and easy to use software to help manufacturers and retailers manage inventory smarter,” said PlanetTogether founder and CEO Jim Cerra.

“We’re excited about the opportunity for efficiencies this partnership brings to our current and future customers.”

AGR Dynamics’ main aim is to increase the availability of goods that customers want with a minimum amount of capital tied up in inventory.

AGR was established in 1997 and has offices in the UK, France, Denmark, and Iceland. ”

With this partnership we are able to offer extended functionality to our customer base with regards to production planning and scheduling,” said AGR Head of Sales and marketing Finnur Bragason.

“AGR and PlanetTogether complement each other’s solution offering and work well together to add value to both existing and new customers.”

AGR Dynamics is proud to offer the AGR 5 Inventory Optimiser and its unique S & OP tool, which is used by large and medium-sized enterprises to increase their efficiency, service and general profitability through demand planning, inventory management, and sales forecasting.

PlanetTogether was founded in 2004 as the culmination of decades of academic research at Cornell University. Combined with over 20 years of industry experience, PlanetTogether focuses on making manufacturers more successful by applying software that simplifies, standardizes and automates planning and scheduling processes.

With PlanetTogether’s powerful, easy to use, integrated software tools, manufacturers can attract and retain customers by delivering faster —and do it more profitably by minimizing resource and inventory costs.

PlanetTogether is on a mission to make the planet more productive, one manufacturer at a time.