Press Release Style Guide

What we require for a press release


Written content containing:

A headline (aim for between 50-70 characters with spacing) – this should include your desired keyword/s.

Only the first word and proper nouns are to be capitalised.

A single sentence introduction. This should also include your desired keyword/s

Recommended minimum 300 words of body text (which can include links). Maximum 500 words


A high resolution landscape .jpg image

Min Size 1200px x 500px

With caption and attribution. ie. ‘This is an image of X – image courtesy of Y.’


House style:

Job titles are lower case

Numbers one to nine are spelled. 10+ are in digits.

Currency is in symbols $/£ etc.

Dates are in the following format: 1 January, 2016.

Company/Brand names do not include suffixes eg. Ltd, Inc, ®

For acronyms/company names of more than 3 characters – only the first letter is capitalised.



You can include YouTube/Vimeo links

Subheadings are optional but at least one is advised for SEO and should include your desired keyword/s

Additional images

With caption and attribution.


What we recommend


Consider your audience and what they will likely search for eg. company name or general product information.

A press release listed on The Manufacturer PR Service may generate traffic via our search function or via Google long after it has slipped down the recent articles list.


Key word/s or phrase/s:

Utilise the topics and keywords your clients are likely to search for in your title/headline and in your body copy (especially in your first two sentences).



We recommend at least one sub-headline for SEO purposes using your keyword/s.



For SEO we recommend you use one or two links in your article.

You should definitely include a relevant link to your website or promotion and you can also include a relevant article link from a news site such as


Articles will be able to be edited by the author for up to 12 months after publication. Articles can be removed by the author at any time.