Rencol’s compression latches are a secure, robust solution to holding doors, drawers, panels and hatches closed. Compression latches are used in a wide range of industries, from machine building to electrical enclosures and vehicle construction.

The benefit of a compression latch is its ability to hold doors firmly closed – effectively sealing against dust and water and eliminating noise and vibration.

Rencol has selected a durable black powder coated die cast zinc for the body of the latch, and a zinc plated steel adjustment screw to ensure the latch adapts to various cabinet sizes and configurations.

Designed primarily for enclosures and cabinets with panels constructed from metal, composite and wood, Rencol’s lever latches are quick to install and intuitive to operate.

Rencol says “These are exceptionally well finished products; not only do they repeatedly and reliably, lock, latch and unlock, they do so with a user friendly and ergonomic lever mechanism – all accompanied by a satisfying ‘clunk’ when opening and closing”.

Variations with and without a keyed lock are available now from stock, and many more enclosure locks, latches and cam locks are offered on their website.

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