Bakery products constitute major part of staple diet in various parts of the world.  The nutrition factor along with easy availability is pushing the demand for bakery products. Moreover, people are shifting towards bakery goods for sustenance as bakery products with organic ingredients such as whole wheat, barley, and whole meal are now available. This is resulting in uptick in demand of bakery foods among the health savvy too.

To keep with rising demand, companies involved in the manufacture of bakery products are increasing the production. Hence, they are opting for new techniques to increase the operational efficiency and production rate. In such scenario, bakery processing equipment has emerged as a game changer.

For example, basic equipment used for preparation of bread slices include- electric mixer, electric knife, breadboard, food processor, stand mixer, plastic wrap and pastry brush. The equipment not only eases manual work but also facilitates quick processing.

The convenience offered by the equipment provides impetus for the growth of bakery processing equipment market. This, along with several other factors of growth, market analysts at Transparency Market Research anticipate that the global bakery processing equipment market will rise at a CAGR of 9.0% in the forecast period (2018 – 2026). The growth rate will take the market value to US$ 21,344.7 Mn by 2026.

Prevention of Human Negligence is Paving Way for Adoption of Bakery Processing Equipment

Manual method of bakery item production carries risk of contamination. Human negligence is another facet. There have been several cases where people have reported unwanted elements in the packaged food items. Use of machines to prepare food items reduces human contact. Hence, to prevent conflicting situations, companies are adopting usage of automated equipment. This is resulting in the growth of the bakery processing equipment market.

Moreover, people are also opting for bakery items that are hygienically prepared for quality and safety besides the nutrition factor.

Integration of Technology in Conventional Preparation Method to Influence Bakery Processing Equipment Market

Stringent regulations by government and regulatory bodies such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in regards to quality, hygiene, and technological advancement are likely to influence the target market in the coming years.

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Further, global bakery processing market is witnessing boost because of technological advancements, thanks to engineers behind this advancement. They are modelling the equipment to make it self-functioning. All humans need is to set timer and provide ingredients. They are programmed to follow steps one at a time and add only required amount of ingredients. The entire process has resulted in high production efficiency. At the same time, companies are saving time and reducing the labor cost.

On the downside, high amount of water wasted while washing bakery processing equipment is a major concern. In addition to that, waste control in food line is another issue yet to be solved. These factors are likely to interfere with the adoption rate of equipment, thus affecting the expansion of bakery processing equipment market.

Further, regular inspection is the basic need of processing equipment as non-functional one will result in undesirable bakery items that are unsuitable for use. For example, use of inefficient machinery for baking purpose may leave food undercooked, burnt or over-mixed. This has come up as a restraining factor in the growth of bakery processing equipment market.

Although, big bakers are left with no other choice but adopt the use of bakery processing equipment to meet the raging demand for bakery items. Surge in the demand for healthy snacks and ready-to-eat food items is entailing companies to adopt automation for bakery item production. As a result, global bakery processing equipment market is also bolstering.