Cranking handles are a vital component for many industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers. When the operator needs to crank, adjust, or rotate, crank handles provide greater leverage, torque, and precision than a simple rotating handle. Often a cranking handle is a more ergonomic solution than a hand wheel.

UK based Rencol has manufactured cranking handles for several decades. Their comprehensive range includes heavy duty thermoplastic handles and cast-iron cranking handles.

Rencol’s plastic crank handles are supplied with threaded brass inserts for installation and either fixed or folding rotating handles. The Model 08 CR features an indexed ratchet mechanism which allows the operator to engage and disengage the cranking mechanism via the push of a button. Folding handles are preferred where space is limited or to improve safety.

Rencol’s cast iron cranking handle features a square fixing hole and polished steel rotating side handle. The handle profile is offset to provide clearance of obstacles in the path of rotation (such as control knobs and levers).

Rencol offers low MOQs, UK stock, competitive pricing, and technical support.

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