Jacqui Pyle and the Scenic team at TAIT

In support of this year’s National Manufacturing Day (28/9/2023) and Production Futures, TAIT, ​ the global creative engineering group for live experiences, opened it’s doors to its site based on Production Park in Wakefield to showcase its talented team of engineers, designers, fabricators, sculptors, painters, project managers and logistics experts who produce live experiences for the likes of Lady Gaga and The Rolling Stones and work on epic productions for the Olympics and do it all in over 30 countries. Over 500 creators make up the TAIT team in the UK.

TAIT was born in 1978 in the USA, a pivotal time for live rock and roll concerts and TAIT has since led tours for acts like U2, and expanded and evolved to bring their live expertise to theatre, cruise ships, festivals and theme parks all over the world. The team in Wakefield became part of TAIT in 2019 and have gone on to create incredible stages with their colleagues right across the globe.

TAIT’s global team of skilled welders, machinists, carpenters, scuplter, painters, and fabricators turn complex digital designs into real-world elements that combine to form iconic scenic pieces, structures, displays, and even machines.

Adam Lockwood, TAIT’s Head of Mechanical Manufacturing in Wakefield says, “When people think of Rock n Roll or Theatre stages – they’re mostly focused on the amazing performances of the singers, musicians, dancers, or actors. Behind the scenes there are many talented people creating these unique stages which includes, amongst others, design engineers, machinists, painters, welders, carpenters, and sculptors who are busy creating the stages long before opening night. We wanted to showcase some of this work today to recognise this side of the manufacturing industry and the work that goes on here in Wakefield”.

TAIT’s Art Director, Jacqui Pyle, (pictured top with the Scenic team at TAIT), says ​ “I lead the Scenic team at TAIT in the UK, and together we work on sets and associated artworks, from statues to backdrops, post apocolyptic stages to shimmering, golden pop statues that recreate the vision of the performing artist, designer or producer. It’s been wonderful showcasing our work to the next generation of makers. I’m always excited to spread the word about what we do as we have so many opportunities”.

To find out more about TAIT see www.taittowers.com/careers

About TAIT

TAIT sets the standard for world-class live experiences. We bring extraordinary ideas to life, collaborating on visionary concepts and delivering precision engineering, technical innovation, manufacturing, and production. We engineer complex movement for artists, brands, performing arts spaces, and venues around the world with our industry-leading show control and automation technology. We are a global team of planners, creative engineers, fabricators, technologists, and producers with over 1500 employees in 20 office locations. We have worked in over 30 countries, all seven continents, and even outer space. Our clients include Taylor Swift, Cirque Du Soleil, The Royal Opera House, NASA, National Geographic, Beyoncé, and The Olympics.
​In addition to the core custom project business, the TAIT Group includes like-minded ​companies operating as one cohesive group in the live experience space. Our global ​team shares a passion for creating ground-breaking experiences, and together, our ​work makes lasting memories for hundreds of thousands of people. The TAIT Group ​includes productionglue, Kinesys, ITEC Entertainment, and Thinkwell Group.

About Production Park

Production Park in Wakefield helps bring stage and screen experiences to life for audiences around the world. Artists including Pink, Metallica and Beyonce have visited the Park’s studios to test their arena shows, while broadcasters and streamers such as ITV, Amazon and Netflix use the Park’s facilities.

Production Park is also home to the Academy of Live Technology, which offers degree programmes as well as a range of short courses and bespoke training in everything from virtual production to stage rigging and lighting design, visit: www.academyoflivetechnology.co.uk

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Richard Melville on 07545 074631 or at richard@starscreamcommunications.com.