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Rosti Group And IDC Create Integrated ‘Design To Supply Solution’ Partnership

Collaboration between worldwide plastic mouldings Group and International Design Consultancy enables full design chain services with innovation and flexibility.

LONDON 11.08.2021: Rosti Group, the European headquartered technology-led plastic moulding company and contract manufacturer has announced a partnership with the Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC) in London to offer clients access to a flexible innovation and production solution both in Europe and China.  New technologies, increasing connectivity, the drive for innovation, and a greater focus on services and changes in customer demands are all factors which are behind a push towards more collaborative models. ‌‌In order for Rosti to broaden its offering to existing and new customers, the Group have entered into a collaboration with one of the most well-respected international studios which have a special focus on industrial and medical design.

‌The collaboration with IDC will enhance the current offering from the Rosti facility in China which operates with almost 1,100 employees on a 25,000 m² plant, and houses one of Rosti Innovation Labs. IDC operates offices in London and Shanghai. Industrial & mechanical design, electrical software and hardware design, prototyping and low volume production, plus regulatory support will now be available both in Europe and China. The two outwardly looking affiliated companies have complementary expertise, with the core competence of both parties remaining within their own legal entities, giving the client one point of contact for an integrated solution delivered by the teams from the two companies working in concert on a project at an international level.

Pat Williams, Senior Vice President Asia at Rosti Group said, “The traditional linear contracts individually linking participants in the supply chain are making way for more flexible multi-party contracts which allow all parties concerned to enter into new co-operative commercial relationships. This is good news for clients who can now access the best of breed service providers across the entire production process. By connecting the design expertise of IDC with the prototyping and production capabilities of Rosti, companies seeking cost-effective, innovative and schedule critical production have a new option to consider.”

The joint teams are dedicated to create safe, commercially successful solutions which include visually appealing product designs. The combined team, under the Rosti Group project manager, will provide a full development service which includes CE marking and IEC 60601 for medical electrical equipment and systems – a key standard for manufacturers of medical devices which either detect or transfer energy to patients. IDC is also ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified for design and prototyping in the UK and IDC China. The integration of 5 core design functions means a closed-loop process covering ID, ME, EE, TE, PE which will provide a range of options to clients, which can take advantage of the Rosti Innovation labs for prototyping “from concept to reality in 72 hours.”

IDC Managing Director, Stephen Knowles, comments, “We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with Rosti which will enable us to collaborate on designing medical products, covered by our quality-controlled product development processes repeatedly recognised with formal certification. Over nearly 50 years IDC has grown through the innovation of successful products which improve people’s lives, with over 91% of our work attaining commercial success. This collaboration will enable us to further our vision for IDC in the UK and China.”

Rosti is a global technology-led plastic injection moulding company and contract manufacturer to some of the world’s leading manufacturers in the packaging, consumer appliances, business machines and medical sectors. Founded in 1944 with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, the Group has 3,200 existing employees across 8 production facilities in Europe and Asia, with the operations in Malaysia recently awarded Platinum by the America based Responsible Business Alliance. Recently the Group announced an investment being made by the establishment of a senior team based in America, under the management of the Asia based leadership, which demonstrates the long-term vision of the Group to serve clients worldwide with a 72-hour turnaround “from concept to reality.”

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Founded in 1944 with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, the Group has 3,200 existing employees across 8 facilities in Europe and Asia and specialises is plastic moulding and outsourcing.  Rosti is owned by the family-controlled investment company Nordstjernan. Please visit:

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