Tecman’s newly launched anti-thermal cell barrier solution

One of the issues people have encountered with EVs has been the limited lifespan of batteries, often due to overheating and thermal management obstacles.

Tecman, an advanced material engineering firm based in the West Midlands, have spent 18 months developing a process enabling the high-volume continuous manufacture of Framed Anti-Thermal Propagation (ATP) Pads for the first time. This process enables the production of Framed ATP Pads which incorporate a physical built-in spacer that surrounds the insulation pad, providing optimal space between battery cells and enabling the absorption of cell expansion.

This launch represents a significant step forward for the automotive and battery storage industries. OEMs will now be able to take advantage of advanced features in a more cost-effective way, and at a significantly higher volume, than was previously possible. 

 The efficiency of the manufacturing process involved, its small footprint, the option for customisation, the cost-effectiveness, and the fact it’s a single continuous process make Tecman’s launch of ATP pads an innovative market product. 

Kevin Porter, Technical Director at Tecman, said “I’m really excited to be launching our industry leading manufacturing system at Battery Cells and Systems Expo this month. This is a major innovation for the industry and will give OEMs access to an optimised cell barrier solution. It enables all of the benefits of the optimised cell barrier at a cost-effective level and with the assurance of meeting capacity requirements. This is made possible through the high efficiency design which maximises OEE and material utilisation.

Framed ATP Pads have been so complicated to manufacture that it has prohibited the development of this design to date, so we are delighted to be the first to bring this innovation to market.”

About Tecman 

The Tecman Group is a UK based organisation focusing on innovative product design, advanced material technology and high volume manufacturing.

They are strong advocates for the responsible use of plastic materials and using biodegradable or bio-sourced materials.

Innovation is at the heart of their approach and this has led to various ground-breaking developments in adhesive technology and product design.