VITAL Parts Ltd, a Goldman Sachs high growth recognized SME in Maidstone, Kent has recently undertaken the huge task of becoming ISO9001 accredited.

As a UKAS registered qualification ISO9001 shows a level of competence within a business across a comprehensive list of aspects targeted at Quality Management, from Human Resource to Procurement with one main goal, to provide consistent performance.

The Managing Director of Vital Parts Ltd, Mike Holt had the following statement regarding the recent success with the ISO9001 accreditation:

“We have grown a huge amount since incorporating the ISO9001 qualification, helping us document and attain the highest standard quality management for both our customers and staff alike.

Since its introduction it has also helped us open and secure opportunities with several FTSE 100 companies”

What Is ISO9001?

ISO9001 is a globally recognized certification, prominent within the Manufacturing & Industrial sectors in which Vital Parts Ltd operates, helping them to establish a name for themselves as a go-to supplier for Plastic, Rubber & Metal Components on an international level.

Since achieving this accreditation Vital Parts have put a focus on developing their core set of values, aimed at providing value at every step of the customer journey. These values are described as ‘We Listen’ ‘We Manufacture’ ‘We Deliver’ ‘We Appreciate’ as a slight word play on their slogan ‘We Mould Around You’ which falls in line with the customer-first attitude of their operations.

Studies show that 89% of customers stay loyal to brands which share their values, indicating that the move towards relatable and customer-first ideologies is one that aligns with the quality which ISO9001 processes aim to achieve.

Head Of Marketing, Joshua Bingham had the following to say about the newly introduced set of values:

“Since introducing these values we have worked to apply them to every core process, including internal processes to ensure members of staff become advocates of the ethos.

In a recent internal survey we found that staff satisfaction is up 70% since the introduction of these values and the ISO9001 quality management system, indicating increased motivation behind the vision we’re trying to achieve”

The success of Vital Parts Ltd is testament to the power that independent certification and core business values can bring to a Manufacturing company, revolutionizing the connection between staff and customers at foundation level.

To read more about Vital Parts Ltd and their values you can check out their website at with formal copies of their ISO9001 certificate available upon request.

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