The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is expected to bring about technological innovations. The FIFA World Cup traditionally offers a platform for the latest innovations in sports broadcasting and marketing, and Qatar’s World Cup is no different.


The 2022 World Cup, scheduled for November 21, could be characterized as a “World Cup of many firsts.” Qatar will become the first Arab country to host the World Cup in 2022. This World Cup will be the first held in the middle of a European football season. In addition, all eight venues for the World Cup are located within one hour’s distance, making it the most compact World Cup ever.


Moreover, football fans are excited to see their favorite players in action at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Bookmakers have released odds for each team’s chances of winning, and fans eagerly await the start of the competition in order to enhance their betting experiences with sites including here at where they are able to get some of the best and most competitive odds across a variety of different markets.


Here are some technological innovations that will impress fans at the 2022 World Cup.

Fully demounted stadium

Stadium 974, one of the World Cup venues in 2022, may continue to be used after the competition! The venue, Stadium 974, is entirely demountable. Steel modular frameworks and shipping containers were used to build the stadium. Since fewer materials were utilized than in a typical stadium, its design ensures economic effectiveness while making it aesthetically pleasing. However, it is the first completely demountable stadium in World Cup history.

Semi-automated offside technology

During the 2022 World Cup, technological advancements will be on the field. A semi-automated offside system will be used during the World Cup in Qatar, FIFA has previously declared. The referees will use this as a support tool to make precise, quick, and repeatable offside rulings throughout the competition.


Twelve tracking cameras will be installed around the stadium as part of the new technology, and a sensor within the new Al Rihla ball. Every time the ball is sent to a player who is in an offside position, this technology will automatically tell the Video Assistant Referee that the player is offside.

Advanced stadium cooling tech

Seven of the eight venues for the 2022 World Cup include Advanced Cooling Tech, a ground-breaking innovation that will maintain an excellent environment within the venue. Yes, the temperature inside the stadium will be ideal for both the players and the spectators. Due to its proximity to the seaside and natural ventilation, the only stadium without advanced cooling technology is naturally ventilated and does not require cooling.

Revolutionary World Cup Ball

The official match ball for the World Cup 2022, Al Rihla, is an innovative product. A linked ball component on the game ball will transmit real-time data to VAR officials. The center of the ball will include a motion sensor and the new Adidas Suspension System. This technology will be used for the first time in a World Cup match ball.


Qatar has a strong vision for utilizing technology in the 2022 World Cup. FIFA expects to see innovative technologies and technical standards implemented by Qatar. The above-discussed innovations will shake up the games being played and how they’re watched.