Paul Reader, newly appointed CEO of ThingTrax

TWO industry heavyweights join ThingTrax to turn unconnected factories into smart manufacturing hubs.

ThingTrax, provider of smart technology solutions for the manufacturing industry, has appointed B2B technology specialist Paul Reader as CEO, and Frank Doorenbosch, former CEO of RPC BPI Group as a non-executive director. 

Using a combination of cloud computing, IoT, AI, and computer vision, ThingTrax connects machines, workers, and robotics to optimise manufacturing operations. Connecting factories to make them safer, more efficient, and for management to make data-supported decisions. It’s plug and play devices can be fitted by factory engineers in under an hour and immediately connected to its Smart Manufacturing Platform.  

Founded in 2015 by Aman Gupta and Imran Shafqat, ThingTrax announced earlier this year a $1M seed round led by SuperSeed. The company already works with customers across plastics, automotive, FMCG, medical, and packaging around the world.  

Paul Reader joins the team with over 20 years of experience building tech businesses. His family founded its own multinational manufacturing business, and after University he started as a productivity consultant for a manufacturer in Ontario before spending 10 years in agencies developing and implementing growth strategies for tech firms. For the past decade, he has been involved in scaling B2B technology firms including Eloqua, acquired by Oracle in 2012, where he went on to establish the Marketing Cloud by facilitating the integration of $7 Billion worth of acquired B2B tech startups. 

Most recently, Paul led the commercialisation of AI-spin out Mind Foundry, from the University of Oxford.

 Paul Reader, CEO of ThingTrax, commented, “I am thrilled to join ThingTrax. The manufacturing sector is ripe for digital transformation and the practical application of new industry 4.0 technology is key. But, right now for many manufacturers it’s too complicated, costly and takes too long which is holding back innovation. ThingTrax has proven technology that enables us to take a new approach to attract unconnected manufacturers to embark on this journey in a simple, step-by-step and affordable way. I look forward to building ThingTrax and carving out a new category in the Industry 4.0 space that will make a major positive impact on the sector and its business leaders.”

Frank has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Having been a customer initially, he selected and adopted ThingTrax in favour of large well-known enterprise players at RPC.

Frank Doorenbosch, NED of ThingTrax, added, “I got involved because I recognise the massive potential for data-supported manufacturing businesses. I’ve led initiatives to digitise and modernise factories and was attracted to ThingTrax as a fast, nimble, adaptable, and affordable solution, willing to partner with customers to implement an operational solution in days without huge expenditures or long systems integrations. As a buyer of ThingTrax, I really liked that they would rapidly tailor their solution around the needs of my business. Now as an investor and Director of ThingTrax, I look forward to making our ambitious strategic vision a reality and helping other group-level executives see the value in their solution.”