Detectamet PPE Manufacturing Investment at York-based Site

Detectamet, a world leading manufacturer of food safety products, are delighted to announce their latest investment, manufacturing their own detectable & non-detectable non-woven Mob Caps & Beard Snoods.

Along with offering highly competitive prices, manufacturing PPE in house will significantly reduce lead times for Detectamet’s customers. As a result of this investment, Detectamet will be far less reliant on overseas suppliers, and consequently, less vulnerable to shipping delays.

To provide quality goods fit for a wide range of PPE-reliant industries, Detectamet have invested significantly in cleanroom facilities and introduced a new way of working. Their designated staff are trained in cleanroom practices and are equipped and trained against cross contamination. Their controlled environments reduce foreign body contamination and have real-time air monitoring and particulate filtration. To help combat pathogens, each piece undergoes extensive UV-c irradiation to kill microbes, which are prevented from growing back by vacuum packing as standard. Production will be integrated into their ISO accredited facility (9001, 15000 & 45001) assuring the quality in production remains high.

CEO Sean Smith is delighted with the latest Detectamet investment, adding:

“Over the last 2 years we’ve invested heavily in our on-site production, including our injection moulding capabilities. This latest investment in our cleanroom & PPE machinery is another big step forward for Detectamet. Our customers should look forward to using a quality, British made product with a regular & reliable supply. For the first time, manufacturing both Detectable & Non-detectable PPE really opens our doors to customers where detectable products are non-essential, such as the hospitality & medical sectors.”

This investment also allows Detectamet to offer their distributor network an own-branding service on the product packaging, from as little as 1 pallet’s worth of mob caps or beard snoods.

Their non-woven Mob Caps & Beard Snoods will be available in 8 colours as standard, to allow colour coding opportunities for the workplace. The mob caps will be available as 21” as standard, with sizing up to 24”+ available upon request.

To find out more about their detectable & non-detectable Mob Caps & Beard Snoods, please email, speak to us on live chat at, or call 01759 304200.