VAPOR manufacturer and distributor, VapeWild has announced its participation in National Vaping Day, a day that aims to bring awareness and educate others on an industry that is seeing widespread global growth.

National Vaping Day 2018 will be held on August 8, a meaningful day for vapor companies throughout the United States.

Owner of Dallas-based VapeWild, Eric Turner released the following statement on National Vaping Day:

August 8, 2016 marks a day when vapers did not have a say in legislation that could be potentially harmful to all those that choose to vape over traditional forms of tobacco… Going forward, August 8th will be a day of advocacy and awareness for our industry.”

Companies such as VapeWild are able to educate their customers on the impact the vapor industry has had globally. Organizations such as the Vapor Technology Association (VTA) consistently strive to advocate, educate and raise funding for the vapor industry.

Matt Wiener, one of VapeWild’s founding owners, sits on the board of the VTA. Recently, Wiener went to The White House in Washington D.C. to fight for the vaping industry’s rights. “VapeWild is serious about vaping, and that includes being serious about supporting the Vaping industry. We chose to partner with the VTA because they are just as committed as we are to keeping our industry safe,” said Wiener.

To observe National Vaping Day, VapeWild is partnering with vaping influencers worldwide. VapeWild is also donating 20% of its e-liquid sales on August 8 to the VTA, and VapeWild is extending an invitation to any vaping business or individual to also participate.

Businesses that would like to participate in National Vaping Day should contact Individuals should post the hashtags #NationalVapingDay and #VapeWildFights and visit

Turner notes the potential of National Vaping Day. “Our goal is for National Vaping Day to be shared by everyone in the industry going forward. Manufacturers, retailers, consumers and legislators will all now have a common day to rally behind and promote our rights.”

A world without vaping is a world that VapeWild plans to fight against. Join VapeWild and its partners in supporting the Vapor Technology Association and vapers everywhere.

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