(ForTest: Modena, Italy) — At the beginning of 2000, ForTest understood the importance of process traceability to optimise production efficiency and reduce waste due to non-conformities, anticipating what is now called “Industry 4.0.”

ForTest instruments give added value in their use at the end of the line to validate the quality of a product. The entire range of instrumentation produced by ForTest is designed with this in mind, such as the recent T Series, renewed in 2018 and today considered the best on the market for leak testers.

Technological innovation and network integration is also demonstrated by the recent introduction of the Leak Expert system, available for mobile and desktop devices, created for remote assistance and documentation management of equipment installed at customers’ premises.

T9731 instruments for breathing tests surgical masks

At the beginning of 2020, during the Covid period, ForTest developed an important instrument that measures the degree of breathability of surgical masks, the T9731. The European standard EN14683 (or the American ASTM 2100F) indicates all the characteristics that surgical masks must have, including a breathing characteristic, which is called “differential pressure”. Based on this parameter, the mask can be of different categories (I, II, IR, IIR). The T9731 instrument can automatically test a mask in just a few seconds. The operator only has to press a button, making the test very fast and traceable because the machine records all data via USB flash drive or LAN network.

About ForTest

ForTest, based in Modena, Italy, manufactures instruments for air leakage and flow rate testing, applicable to all industrial sectors, from automotive to medical. The company has been designing and manufacturing air leak test and flow test instruments for over 30 years. ForTest’s aim has always been not to sell products, but to offer 360º solutions that allow customers to find the definitive remedy to their quality problems. The company, whose main market is Europe, is also present in China, India and the USA, where it achieves 50 percent of its total turnover through its dealers.  Not only is ForTest committed to providing the most modern leak testing equipment on the market, but its entire approach is innovative as the company intends to create synergy with its clients to provide them with turnkey solutions designed around their needs.