DOUBLE glazing is installed in more UK properties than ever, but what are the benefits to getting new windows?

There are many reasons why people in the UK after so many years are still installing double glazed windows and doors to their properties. Ranging from improving energy efficiency and reducing energy bills to potentially increasing the value of the property in question.

Generally, there are few pitfalls to getting double glazing apart from the potential cost, as materials and installation can come to a few thousand Pounds, depending on the property size and requirements. Being aware of the reasons and the advantages to installing this well-established improvement to your home will help you understand why acquiring new windows and potentially doors could benefit you and your family.

Reducing your heating bills

It is no secret that a better insulated property, be that a flat or house, is warmer in the winter and able to keep cooler in the summer. This is partly due to the building ‘envelope,’ which is the separation between the inside conditions and those outside the property. This is something which is tested during any air tightness test procedure a property undergoes.

By improving the building envelope’s and its effectiveness as a result of improved glazing providing improved property insulation, your property’s heating system will not need to work as hard. You can therefore expect lower heating bills thereafter with less intruding cold air needing heating by your central heating system.

Reducing noise pollution

Particularly for those living in cities and urban environments, noise pollution can affect your quality of life, with noise from outside intruding into your place of solitude. Because double glazing works by creating a vacuum between the two functional panes of glass, there is a reduction in the amount of noise from outside that can penetrate into your home.

As well as those who live in urban environments, those who live on farms and in parts of the countryside where there is farming activity can see a reduction in the amount of noise penetration should they install double glazing (source: Straw Spreader).

This not only increases your sense of relaxation and comfort in your home, but can also serve to positively impact mental health and allow you to ‘switch off’ from the outside world when at home.

Improved property security

Modern-day double-glazed windows and doors are some of the most difficult for intruders and potential burglars to break and enter from. This is because the uPVC material used in the construction of double-glazed doors is particularly durable and can withstand a great deal of force.

With regards to windows, the glass is typically of a good quality and the frames are as with the doors, solid and well-constructed with strong and burglar-resistant locks and mechanisms, all of which serve to better protect your property and its occupants.