There is never a truly ‘perfect’ time in which to open any premises for business or otherwise, but when doing so there are a number of considerations that all business managers and owners should think about. Quite what you will need to think about and consider as a business owner or manager will very much depend upon the precise nature of the business in question.

For example, if you are a beauty clinic offering services like laser hair removal, you will likely have very different things to think about and account for than say a convenience store or a bakery will have.

There are however, also a number of more generic considerations to think about and steps to take that are much more likely to apply to most businesses regardless of their exact nature.

Also, before taking the necessary steps to open and start running any physical premises, it is very important to think about and take stock of the relevant taxes, local planning and commercial laws and more besides. This will help you ensure everything is safely and conveniently in place, with no hiccups along the way during what is already likely to be a stressful period.

Location, Location, Location

First and foremost, when setting up shop anywhere, the precise location of where you are setting up is arguably the most important factor. For example, if you are a business that requires very heavy footfall and a lot of passing trade, like a coffee shop or small café, you will need to consider setting up in an area that attracts a lot of people, potentially tourists and general pedestrian traffic.

Also important to consider is the demographic of the location you choose to set up your physical business premises. If you are selling a service or collection of products that appeals to specific demographics, you will need to set up close to people that will ultimately drive and fund your business.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Unlike online businesses and internet startups, physical premises and shops need to be regularly cleaned and sanitised. With footfall and patrons passing through your business, it is important to maintain excellent levels of hygiene. If your business serves food or drink, hygiene will be more important than ever, with customers easily turned away should poor hygiene be evident.

Even if your premises only requires our own staff and employees to be present and pass through it, hygiene has never been more important. It doesn’t have to incur huge monthly fees either. There are countless suppliers of wholesale cleaning products online and off, which can help businesses cut their cleaning bills by supplying the necessary cleaning products and chemicals in bulk and at a lower price.

Space and Size

If your business requires a lot of people, customers, staff and otherwise in the premises at any given time, you will need larger premises than if this is not the case. However, if you are for example operating a walk-in and walk-out coffee shop where orders are made and served quickly and payments accepted rapidly, you may not need such large premises.

This is another key factor and consideration when looking to set up a business with physical premises. Also, in addition to the sheer size and floorspace required for the business in question, you will need to consider how much space will be left over when anything needed if fitted and brought into the shop or premises in question.