With rising costs, manufacturers should consider bringing their laundry in-house rather than relying on outsourcing to save money. By outsourcing you are paying thousands of pounds more than you need to each year by committing to substantial clothing stocks, hidden supplementary charges and unexpected price rises.

What’s the solution for manufacturing?

With your own on-site laundry system you’re able to take full control – including the quality of your wash. You are likely to lose a bit of space but the benefits can be powerful – including big savings on energy when you use the most up-to-date equipment. Another bonus is that staff aren’t having to stand about counting stock when it comes back from the external laundry provider. Time is saved in terms of waiting for deliveries and staff allocating stock to the laundry room.

What solutions does JLA offer?

Many manufacturers and food producers already trust energy-efficient JLA commercial washing machines, commercial tumble dryers and professional irons. One of the biggest benefits is that we offer flexibility with a range of configurations, which take up much less space than you might image.

These clients are benefiting from the revolutionary way JLA’s OTEX system cleans them and also manages infection control. OTEX can be added as an optional extra, which increases infection control capabilities and reduces energy consumption.

Could you explain what ozone technology is?

JLA’s OTEX ozone system uses a natural disinfection process that kills 99.999% of moulds, yeasts, viruses and bacteria – including coronavirus – at low temperatures. That means you can reduce water, electricity, gas and detergent use, ultimately saving you money on all three while increasing the lifespan of your linen. A win-win all round.

In fact, JLA testing has shown that OTEX cuts hot water use by up to 80%, electricity by up to 60%, and gas by up to 35%, with total water usage down by up to 45%*. With utility bills increasing as they are that’s a potentially huge saving on every wash cycle and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Doesn’t buying new equipment require huge capital outlay?

Usually bringing your laundry in house can be an expensive investment, even if it will eventually pay for itself. Equally this doesn’t have to mean a large capital outlay.

Total care, JLA’s fully all-inclusive managed service package, is designed around every client’s needs. For a simple monthly fee, you enjoy new laundry room equipment with no upfront costs, free installation and 24/7 support – including servicing, spare parts and repairs. In other words, you get all the benefits of advanced laundry equipment, with world-class maintenance and same-day breakdown support, for one monthly payment.

What else should I bear in mind when I want to bring my laundry in house?

It’s worth considering the extra labour requirement that will be needed to process the laundry on site. You will find the jobs such as checking the laundry in and out are no longer required mitigating the extra staffing required in the laundry.

Thinking about the right configuration for your laundry room will be essential, maximising the right solution in the space you have available.

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