A large number of products must be tight against the penetration of moisture or liquids. To ensure this, they undergo leak tests during the manufacturing process, at the end of the production line.

This is not a sample test, but each product is 100% tested at the end of the line.


ForTest is a manufacturer of leak testers and flow testers.

ForTest has over 30 years of experience in industrial leak testing and flow measurement in the production line.

With the wide range of leak test and flow test instruments, it is possible to find the solution for every testing requirement.


The use of compressed air as a testing medium is widespread. This makes it possible to test the tightness of different types of products using different test methods (e.g. products that can be filled directly, airtight products such as radio keys or sensors). Sometimes the leak test is combined with function tests (pre-filling, valve opening and closing points, burst point). Product volumes to be tested range from a few ml to thousands of litres.


Depending on the application, ForTest leak testers with relative pressure or Dual Absolute are the best-selling. Available pressure ranges range from -1 to 30 bar up to 400 bar. The tightness of large parts can be tested using leak testers with high-flow valve or flow testers.

Very low leakage rates can be detected with hydrogen leak testers using a manual sniffing sensor.

The products whose flow is tested are, for example, membranes, filters and cooling channels. With the ForTest flow testers, a range from 5 ml/min to 500 l/min can be covered.


For total traceability of quality control, the usual industrial communication interfaces are available. These allow the transmission of measurement results as well as the control and parameterization of test devices.


Customers from all over the world from the automotive industry, medical technology, the heating and air conditioning industry, the accessories and household appliance industry, the packaging industry and the electric mobility industry use ForTest test devices to check the tightness of their products in the production line.


Each test starts with specific requirements.

The project begins with a preliminary technical clarification. This serves to select the appropriate configuration of the test fixture. Sometimes practical tests with original test parts are also necessary to ensure technical feasibility. For each project, the technical feasibility is clarified.

This gives the customer the certainty that the offered test technology will reliably meet expectations and requirements in production practice.



Fortest’s service offering for integration into the production process includes commissioning and training, as well as periodic calibration services, both traceable ForTest.

ForTest can offer its customers the possibility of calibrating leak test and flow test instruments according to ISO17025 standards.

Further information is available at https://www.fortest.com/en